16 December 2011

This 'n' That

Still searching for that perfect Christmas present? Perplexed over what to wrap for the Furtick fan in your life? Look no further! This totally audacious T-shirt declares perhaps more accurately than anything what is the best outcome one can hope for upon praying one of Steven Furtick's infamous "Sun Stand Still" prayers. Order today for the Furtick-following friends in your life.

We are hoping that, once Escalator Church finds a permanent location in which to meet, we will be able to open up a gift shop...I mean, a bookstore, wherein such clever items will be available for purchase at a most reasonable price. We are working on some other simple, yet poignant designs, such as, "I ♥ Beth Moore," and "I'm not dizzy, I'm just praying a Circle Maker prayer." Further suggestions are always welcome. And as you search inside yourself for a clever, one-liner fit for a tee, here's your week in review (kind of):
  • I enjoyed flipping through this slideshow of Classic Toys: Then and Now. Although, what in the world have they done to My Little Ponies?!
  • An animal rights group has convinced the U.S. to limit medical research on chimpanzees. "The Institute of Medicine’s recommendation on Thursday stopped short of the outright ban that animal rights activists had pushed. Instead, it urged strict limits on biomedical research - testing new drugs or giving animals a disease - that would allow using chimps only if studies could not be done on other animals or people themselves, and if foregoing the chimp work would hinder progress against life-threatening or debilitating conditions." So, mice, rats, cynomolgus monkeys, beagles...these don't have the same rights as chimps? And I suppose we can assume that these people will be volunteering themselves to participate in the research instead? Yeah, I didn't think so. 


  1. RE: the Macy's thing.
    I wasn't aware of this, but am going to stop shopping at Macy's, just like I stopped going to McDonalds after they openly supported the gay and lesbian chamber of commerce and had a board member on it.

    No one should be under any illusions that the homosexual activism has won the war, along with almost every battle it has an does engage in. It is a slow moving tide, but it moves nonetheless.

    No one has gone to prison yet, but the chilling effect, and the losing of jobs is pretty close to it. Prison is about all that is left for opponents.

    Having worked in retail, I can tell you that is it a calculated risks stores take. They gamble that the flak from the homosexual lobby would outweigh the few, in their estimation, that will stop shopping. They blow whichever way the cultural tide pushes them.

    Think it's only the big items that hit the news? Wrong. We live in a small town, and a junior college representative came to the HS to give information about financial aid, scholarships, etc. She mentioned essay writing skills, and how important volunteering and outside school activities in the public sphere was.

    Then she said what I had preached to my family is happening in the world. After saying volunteering, etc was important she said "like helping disenfranchised groups (wait for it) like gays and lesbians".

    That was it. No other group on the face of the earth was worth mentioning. Dis-enfranchised? Not.

  2. Will your Escalator Church t-shirt come with a money back guarantee that the wearer will get "the favor"?

  3. Anonymous,

    My apologies, but the elders have advised me that we cannot offer any sort of "favor guarantee" without first receiving the obligatory tithe, as well as a commitment card pledging additional funds. Thank you for your inquiry.

  4. Will your Escalator Church gift shop be featuring the Pweshus Moments figurines?

    ... pweese?

  5. Will Escalator Church be serving up some "glory baums" this Christmas? Sorry...bad joke, as I just had "Oh Tennenbaum" on the brain.

    On a more serious note, who is the preacher in the video you posted?

  6. That's Voddie Baucham. I saw him speak at the Ligonier conference in Orlando in October. His message was so powerful, so Christ honoring, and so God glorifying that he actually got a standing ovation. And this conference was held at R.C. Sproul's church!

    The man is an amazing preacher. The pastor sitting next to me at the conference remarked that his presentation alone was worth the cost of the conference.

    Many thanks to Ebenz for posting this video.


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