09 December 2011

This 'n' That

Running errands this afternoon, I had one of those really irritating "duh" moments when you realize a truth that you should have known, or you did know, but ignored anyway. What was this annoying learning moment? Never go to Target without a game plan. I'm pretty sure I came home with two bags full of items that I don't actually need. Also, never go when you're hungry. Otherwise you may end up with multiple bags of Candy Cane Hershey Kisses. Not that I know of anyone who has done that, mind you...

While driving home from the store, I was listening to Christmas music on the radio (and getting really annoyed that very few songs were actually true Christmas carols). Every year they have what they call the "Elf Line," where people can phone in and leave a message to be played on the air. I can't be positive, but I'm 95% sure that I heard somebody wish all of his "paranormal friends" a safe and Merry Christmas. This begs the question: was this man speaking to some other-worldly (albeit imaginary) beings, or was he sending these wishes out to others who share his affinity for the bizarre? I suppose I'll never know.

Well, while I unwrap and savor a Candy Cane Hershey's Kiss, enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Justin Bieber, this generation's favorite professing "Christian" secular pop star, has made a very creepy music video with Mariah Carey...a remake of Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You." Parents, if you haven't already banned Bieber from your child's iPod, I suggest you do so immediately.
  • We're very thankful that HHS overruled a proposal to make the "morning-after pill" available over the counter. This would have meant that women - and girls - of any age could obtain the pill without question or difficulty. Truly the number of children who have been murdered by abortion and "birth control" must be absolutely unfathomable. 
  • Remember this extremely convicting, yet wonderful sermon preached by Don Green about how to recognize true repentance? Well, he recently preached a follow-up: The Call to Repentance.
  • John MacArthur teaches about the Theology of Christmas:


  1. I listened to both of pastor Green's sermons on repentance over the last two weeks and I loved both of them. Praise the Lord for raising up good and Godly men with a true heart for learning and teaching the Word! I HEARTILY recommend the sermons on repentance to one and all. Thanks for promoting it your blog.

  2. I love your blog but must strenuously disagree with your assertion that we must not go hungry to the store! I remember early in our marriage, my wife and I went to the store on a full stomach. After shopping for a while, we checked out and started on our way home. We discussed what we would have for supper and discovered that we did not buy anything we were hungry for! So we pulled through Burger King(or some greasy joint) and bought the supper we were hungry for! Since then, I've always strived to have a tinge of hunger while shopping, that way I don't buy a bunch of twigs and sprouts and nothing of substance.

  3. Speaking of the elephant room and what you hear on the radio (in regards to music) reminded me of what I heard on Moody radio (WMBI) right before Thanksgiving.

    On Moody's WMBI radio station (oh my),
    I heard that TD Jakes and Steven Furtick were great men of God who loved the Lord and loved the Gospel. Heard this while listening to James MacDonald's "Walk in the Word" broadcast. Walk in the Word has its own "commercial" within its broadcast and they were promoting the Elephant room.

    I wonder how many listeners to Walk in the Word are now deluded into thinking TD Jakes is ok.

  4. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for "seconding" my suggestion to listen to Pastor Green's sermons. He has fast become one of my favorite preachers.

    Hm, I do see your point. Perhaps a "tinge" of hunger is allowed, as you say. Too hungry and you end up with (delicious) junk, and too full and you end up with "twigs and sprouts!" Thanks for the constructive criticism. :)

    Wow, that is very interesting (although not at all surprising) to hear! And you helped to emphasize one of my points in this ongoing saga - that James MacDonald influences people all over the world through his radio broadcast, and so the concerns over some of the goings-on at his home church ought to be of interest to a much larger audience than simply those in the Chicago area. You asked, "I wonder how many listeners to Walk in the Word are now deluded into thinking TD Jakes is ok?" Answer: even if it's only one, it's one too many.


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