18 December 2011

Saturday Night Blasphemy

Words escape me...



  1. I knew it was a mistake to click on this link and I did it anyway.

    God help us.

  2. I know. I almost hesitated to post it, not wanting to subject anyone else to it. BUT, this is the kind of thing that our coworkers and peers, even some of our professing Christian friends, are watching and being influenced by. How utterly, terribly sad. Yes, God help us. And come QUICKLY, Lord Jesus!

  3. Not sure how or even if this makes sense, but the most infuriating part to me is that it could have avoided blasphemy so easily with one little change: adding a part at the very end when "Jesus" walks out, takes off the outfit to reveal one of his teammates, turning to another and saying, "You think he fell for it?"

    But then again, it wouldn't have that blasphemous punch that SNL is so desperate for.

  4. Just imagine the horror of those who portray this blasphemy spending an eternity in hell apart from the very Jesus whom for all eternity you would know you willfully blasphemed for laughs and will never again be able to be saved.


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