14 December 2011

Justin Peters Offers a Biblical Perspective on Santa

In the article referenced below, Justin Peters offers a far more thorough examination of the Santa Claus dilemma than did I. Though this article in its entirety is a bit lengthy, I urge you, especially if you are a parent of young children, to please follow the link below and thoughtfully read Peters' article.
Years ago a pastor told me, "Justin, never preach about Santa Clause.  You just can't win preaching about Santa Clause."  At the risk of going against his advice, I am going to address an icon with which we are all familiar but few really consider to be an "issue," Santa Clause. 
To do away with any suspense, I'm not a fan of Santa.  I've never cared much for him ever since I learned that he was not real.  As an adult, I cared for him even less and even began to have a bit of animosity toward the "jolly old elf."  However, it was not until last year that I, through circumstances in my life, was actually forced to sit down and think through exactly who Santa is and wrestle with the biblical implications.  As I write this I can already imagine the emails and comments that will pour in and charge me with being legalistic, pharisaical, and, well, a Grinch, for wanting to ruin for people what is deemed by most to be harmless, fanciful fun for children on just one day of the year.  I can assure you that these are not at all my motives for writing.  Two years ago I would have never dreamed of writing an article like this because, quite frankly, I never dreamed there to be a need for an article like this.   So, gentle reader, I ask only that you read the following piece and consider its thesis not with an open mind, but with a theological mind.  Consider the points forwarded and evaluate them not against family tradition, common sense, culture, majority opinion or emotion but rather against the teachings of inerrant and sufficient Scripture.  Our standard for what is true, right, appropriate, beneficial, and both edifying to the believer and glorifying to God can be nothing but the Word of God (John 17:17). 
In this article we will examine the history of Santa Claus, his characteristics and attributes and will then draw some conclusions about the proper biblical approach to this familiar icon of Christmas.  It is my prayer that upon reading this article and reflection upon the arguments and conclusions drawn that the reader will give pause to Mr. Claus.
Please continue reading this article here.

Is Santa Clause A Theological Threat?


  1. Very good! Very thorough and thought provoking...should we remember the previous article about not being easily offended and pray over this? :)

  2. I loved his essay. I agree with it 100%. It is true and irrefutable.


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