23 December 2011

"Code Orange" Speaker Perry Noble

Well, it's almost here. The Code Orange Revival, hosted by young, Seeker-Driven pastor Steven Furtick, is less than one month away. With this event, Furtick aspires to gather a group of leaders together in order to cause an "eruption" of God's power and movement. The speaker lineup for this volcanic event is quite extensive, so over the past weeks and months, we have been examining them one by one. In previous posts, we've looked at LifeChurch.tv visionary Craig Groeschel, prosperity preacher Jentezen Franklin, Hillsong darling Christine Caine, Joel Osteen's worship leader, Israel Houghton, seeming Word-Faith proponent Stovall Weems, and pastor Ed Young, Jr., who seemingly has his mind focused on two of the world's most favorable lusts: sex and money. Our last post examined "Bishop" T.D. Jakes. With all of the publicity Jakes has received of late, it seemed unnecessary to detail the many obvious reasons why one should be concerned that he would be included in a so-called Christian conference. In summary, we noted that Jakes is an apparent modalist, a blatant and charismatic Word-Faith and prosperity "gospel" preacher, and that he has most disgustingly eroticized the ordinance of remembering our Lord's sacrifice through the practice known as Communion. Truly we ought to be amazed that any Christian pastor would include T.D. Jakes in a speaker line-up for a conference, thereby affirming Jakes to be a man from whom Christians can learn and grow.
Today we turn to another familiar name, Perry Noble. Noble is the senior pastor of Newspring Church in South Carolina, a most prominent mega-church. Noble has rapidly become a favorite among those who shrink away from "traditional" church services. Newspring makes no qualms about its endeavors to "do church" for the "unchurched." Those visiting the Newspring website, seeking to learn more about God, would likely find themselves on the "Next Steps" page. Here one can read some facts about Jesus (Step #1), and then move straight to baptism (Step #2), commitment (Step #3, as in, commitment to a church, namely Newspring), and finally, volunteering (Step #4). Sounds awfully works-driven, doesn't it? Interestingly enough, while the initial link to the "Next Steps" page seems to exist for those wanting to know more about Christ, the Gospel is never presented! Oh yes, on the page formally titled "Salvation through Jesus," there are some wonderful, glorious truths presented about our Lord, but there is no actual Gospel presentation. There is no mention of sin, repentance, or submission of one's life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. No mention of Jesus Christ suffering the wrath of God - the punishment that we deserve - in the place of those sinners whom God has redeemed. Nowhere on that page does Newspring Church teach about the resurrection, wherein Jesus Christ defeated death, sin and Satan. The apparent message sent by this website is that  one need only believe some facts about Jesus, and then one is saved and may be baptized as evidence of that salvation. But, salvation from what? The Newspring website does not tell us. But then, when one is "doing church for the unchurched," one cannot have such offensive things as sin getting in the way of growing the numbers.

Newspring's seeker-driven methodology perhaps is most obvious in their manner of musical worship, as walking into Newspring on a Sunday morning seems to be akin to walking into a pop or rock concert. A recent example of this is when Newspring opened their church service earlier this year with their own rendition of Katy Perry's "Firework." Of course, none of the lyrics were changed, and so a song that is essentially celebrating homosexuality was brought before the perfect, holy God of the universe as "worship."

Perhaps the most well-known example of Newspring's bizarre definition of musical worship is their opening of the 2009 Easter service with AC/DC's "Highway to Hell."

Many readers will remember that this song choice caused quite a stir earlier this year, as it was realized that, within just a couple of weeks, Perry Noble offered two very different explanations for his use of this song:

Upon release of this telling side-by-side comparison, James MacDonald, of Harvest Bible Chapel and Walk in the Word, quickly jumped to Noble's defense, unequivocally asserting that Perry Noble did not lie. This writer has yet to fully understand MacDonald's seeming postmodern rationale for arriving at this conclusion. Nevertheless, setting aside for one moment the issue of Noble's apparent lie; when we view the second half of the video above, when we hear the vitriol and the foul language used by a supposed man of God, how are we to react? Is this man someone that should be viewed as a shepherd? Is this man someone whom God would truly call to act as an under-shepherd, leading and teaching the precious sheep of His flock? Or is this man someone who enjoys the spotlight, who enjoys controversy, and who seeks to entertain, generate laughs, and gain numbers, both in the pews and in the offering plate?

Speaking of the offering plate, it was demonstrated in the post Which One of These is Just Like the Other? that Perry Noble, like so many of the other "Code Orange" speakers we have examined thus far, has been known to preach the infamous "tithe or your money is cursed" sermon. He even brought in to Newspring Church Robert Morris's The Blessed Life sermon series. As you may recall from the same post mentioned above, Morris seems to be one of the primary culprits of bringing this aberrant twisting of Malachi 3 into mainstream evangelicalism. Today, we have seen this taught, not just in these blatant seeker-driven churches, but also in seemingly "conservative" churches such as Harvest Bible Chapel. Truly nothing is new under the sun, mankind has always been willing to sacrifice the truth of the Word of God for a dollar.

A story coming out of Newspring Church that perhaps some are not familiar with is that of Dr. James Duncan. This man did something as innocent as questioning and criticizing Newspring Church on his personal blog, and having done so, found himself and his family embroiled in a series of threatening, hateful acts perpetrated by employees of Newspring. While I will not endeavor to recount the story here, I suggest that you visit Duncan's site and read his personal account. You can also listen to his interview with Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith. Also in this episode, you will hear Perry Noble claiming to receive direct revelation from God. So what can be concluded from this? Well, if Perry Noble is hearing directly from God, then he cannot be questioned, can he? Because to question Noble is to question God. I pray, then, that the reader sees the incredible danger of such claims! And, hearing of the story of James Duncan, ought we to be concerned about the behavior of these employees at Newspring Church? Most definitely! After all, are they not led by Perry Noble? Is not the fruit of a man's leadership quite evident in the people he leads and teaches?

Like every one of the scheduled speakers for the upcoming Code Orange Revival, this post could go on and on. I suspect, however, that many of my readers are already quite familiar with Perry Noble and have already arrived at their own personal conclusions about him and his ministry. Suffice it to say that the fruit of this man's ministry is tainted, at best. From his own behavior and language, to that of his employees, Perry Noble should be ashamed of the way he has fleeced and deceived his flock. His words to those with whom he has been entrusted are at times nothing short of abusive:

And yet, his numbers grow, people "make decisions," and I fear many are led into a false sense of assurance and security. While this writer most definitely prays that the alleged salvations that occur en masse at Newspring are true and eternal, it seems quite unlikely that true conviction of sin and salvation can occur in an environment such as has been prepared by Perry Noble. And yet, many flock to Newspring. Perhaps the best conclusion, then, is to acknowledge that the goats desire to have their ears tickled, and loud music, flashing lights, and a crude pastor all feed that carnal urge. And so while Noble entertains his flock of goats, he easily squeezes from them their money as well because, let's face it, maintaining a mega-church takes cash.

Indeed, aside from his childish antics, Perry Noble falls right in line with the theme that we have seen developing among the speakers of the Code Orange RevivalThat theme is the propagation of the heretical Word-Faith doctrine, and it ought to cause one to begin to question seriously just what kind of "eruption" is going to occur next month at the Code Orange RevivalIt's almost as if a bizarre, Word-Faith-esque clique is forming among some of these preachers. Reader, it is time that we acknowledge that this deviant teaching has effectively infiltrated America's "evangelical" church. 

The reader also would do well to remember that among Furtick's list of scheduled speakers are the "young, restless and reformed" Acts 29 pastor and Gospel Coalition council member Matt Chandler as well as fellow Gospel Coalition council member James MacDonald of Walk in the Word and Harvest Bible Chapel fame. Both of these men will also be speaking at Perry Noble's Newspring Leadership Conference in 2012. Once again we must ask, especially of MacDonald and Chandler, two supposedly conservative and reformed pastors: Why? Why would you agree time and again to share a stage and a platform with men and women who preach not just a weak gospel, but a false one? One must begin to wonder about the motivation behind your consistent appearance with the same group of dangerous, even shameful, teachers. The members of your local and extended flocks deserve an explanation from the men they no doubt trust and respect.
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed. (Galatians 1:8-9)
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  1. This is a really good series. Thank you for ALL your hard work that went into it!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Elizabeth, it is much appreciated.

  3. If I didnt have the mountain of Perry Nobles' blaspemous evidences, and all I had to discern him by was a photograph of Perry Noble and the look in his eyes, that would suffice.

  4. If Perry were a Doctor he would be fired for malpractice or worse put in jail. So why is it any different for a Pastor who fails to render proper services of the Gospel according to Scripture and all the requirements for being a Pastor according to what God says?

    God's word is the plumb-line and he has brought opprobrium to himself and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1Ti 3:2-7. Why should he even be called a Pastor? He is not abiding by nor is he living above reproach. He should get out of the pulpit or live up to the Gospel

    I pray he repents before it's too late because when Jesus takes the bride of Christ home, it's not going to be pretty for false teachers when Jesus cleans out all those thieves and robbers this time from His Father's house