01 November 2011

Will the YRR Listen?

John MacArthur shares three additional concerns regarding some in the Young, Restless and Reformed movement. Yet, after the reaction to his summer blog posts, one can't help but wonder: will the YRR listen? I pray that this time they will.


  1. You can't tell it like it is, if you don't believe it like it was.-Vance Havner

    Good to have John MacArthur's voice in the midst.

  2. No, they won't. Nor will anyone who wants to label themselves with a divisive un-Christian label.
    Young? I'm not, so I guess I can't be a part of "them". Restless? Nope. I'm fine with the gospel as it is, and the reformation as it has been.

    With few individual exceptions, the "coalition" doesn't have answers for the McJakes, the PipWar, the X rated vision pastor, and now the open affirmation of Merton by Cosper.

    Dr. MacArthur is all I am not. Frankly, he puts it mildly. When you peel back the celebrity, the onion layers of confusion that are "contextualization" and "missional", it won't stop.

    In the end "YRR" glorifies only "young" and "restless".


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