11 November 2011

This 'n' That

Wow, what a week, huh?! From the weather to politics to pop culture, there have been few dull moments. One Midwest city experienced sunny 70 degree temperatures on Tuesday, followed by snow on Thursday. We're still waiting for Al Gore to weigh in on the *no-doubt* global-warming induced October snowstorm in the Northeast. Accusations are flying all over the place in the "race for 2012." And, Michael Jackson's doctor was found guilty of manslaughter. With the exception of the weather headlines, it's appalling to see what passes for "news" today in America. I mean, do we really need to know that Paula Abdul had another breakdown on camera? Write a story when she doesn't cry, and then we can call it news.

Of course, even in the evangelical world, there was no shortage of interesting happenings. There also seemed to be an over-abundance of well-written and timely articles this week, so it was difficult to narrow down the list for today's update. Nevertheless, here's my best
attempt at providing your week in review (kind of):

  • "[F]illing up buildings is relatively easy, as the pragmatic give-them-what-they-like approach has proven over the past four decades. The harder work of actually feeding and leading the Lord’s sheep demands much more than hasty giddiness over flash-popularity." But hey, Evangelicalism's Got Talent!
  • For those who aren't aware, forgot, or have chosen to ignore it, this blog does have a comment policy. If you're wondering why that comment that you left last week on a post from the summer of 2010 wasn't posted, this may help explain.
  • Judging by Perry Noble's Twitter stream this week, this year's Christmas service at Newspring Church will be "off the hook". He's taken a film crew to various locations throughout the country (New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc) to tape footage for some sort of video production. Hold onto your pipe cleaner halo, this promises to not be your typical Christmas pageant.
  • The Elephant Room is "not for the faint of heart." But it is apparently an opportunity for "open conversation between Christian leaders who see and do ministry differently." Hm, Christian leaders you say? Does this mean that T.D. Jakes has been un-invited? Doesn't look like it. Oh, and don't miss MacDonald's video at the end of that post.
  • I really don't need to introduce a Steve Lawson clip. Praise God for this man.


  1. It's pretty clear why Noble keeps pushing the false teachings on tithing-I can't imagine the $ amount of this latest stunt.

    If MacDonald had any sense he would lay low until after ER. Of course, this is the same guy who handed the pulpit over to Furtick...

  2. James and his epic level of self-importance ,pride and cocky arrogance is reaching a new plateau and crescendo as he self deludes and self destructs for all but the willfully ignorant and undiscerning.

    Its quite a show. But I wouldnt pay a cent for this show or showman, much less 99 bucks.

    As PT Barnum once said...There's a sucker born every minute.

  3. Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? Um...who cares?

    Lol, so true. Your inner comedienne is showing, it's great. WWEP. (what will Erin post?) :)

    Seriously sister, keep it up, you do a fine work.

  4. I recently attended a Ligonier conference in Orlando. A pastor sitting next to me asked me where I was from and what church I attended. I confess that I was embarassed to say Harvest Bible Chapel.

    James is becoming more and more of an embarassment. I wish he would just shut up.

    Yes, I repent of that. God help us both.

  5. Thank you for the 10 minutes from Steve Lawson. Would to God that all the shepards would proclaim the Gospel as he did.


  6. MacDonald at his worst...Setting up a false and artificial choice and crude simplification in his silly beer stand level talk on his silly video. "Brothers"? Really? If you want to make yourself a brother with TD Jakes a "gospel" pimp and a thief who denies True God then go ahead but do not think that all will follow you in your silliness and blatant ignorance. God have mercy on this man who is picking up speed as he slides down on his slippery slope of foolishness and pride while destroying in process all the heritage God allowed him to build over last 25 years. I guess MacDonald's descent is a lesson for us all. Let us remember it.

  7. Hey Erin, thanks for the Cripplegate posts. Next, of course, to your website it is now one of my favorites. I didn't know about it until you posted something from them a while back. Just spent all morning there. Great stuff!

  8. 'Judging by Perry Noble's Twitter stream this week, this year's Christmas service at Newspring Church will be "off the hook".'

    These megachurches and their never ceasing stream of all things grandiose and glitzy really gets tiresome after a while.

    Whatever happened to simply "preach the word".

    Hey Harvest (MacDonald), are you listening? I know it's "Celebration Weekend" but enough already.

  9. Jennifer,
    Well, it takes a lot of cash to be a hipster motivational speaker...um, I mean, a pastor.

    Anonymous #1,
    "Its quite a show. But I wouldnt pay a cent for this show or showman, much less 99 bucks."
    Couldn't agree more.

    Thank you for your kind words. All glory to God!

    Anonymous #2,
    I think there are many who sympathize with the feelings you expressed. Let's continue to be in prayer!

    You're certainly welcome for the Lawson clip. I am so thankful for this great proclaimer of God's Word!

    I don't think I can add anything to your comment. Spot-on thoughts.

    Anonymous #3,
    The Cripplegate is by far one of my favorite blogs to follow. The men writing there are true to God's Word, and always offer deep, "meaty" thoughts for their readers. It's a resource for which I'm very thankful!

    I think Harvest is listening, but not to truth, reason, or sense. Judging by the sermon from "Commitment Weekend," they are only sliding faster and faster down that slippery slope.


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