04 November 2011

This 'n' That

"Business as usual." Those who work in the corporate world know that this phrase actually means, "We're going to institute changes that will completely disrupt business, but we need everything done efficiently and with excellent quality anyway." Thinking about this reality this week eventually led me to pondering this from a different perspective. There is a lot of disturbance in the world, as there has been for years. Once again, things are heating up in Israel, America's outlook continues to be bleak, especially in the economic realm, and morals have declined at such a rapid pace that it's nearly impossible to keep up (although, who would want to?). And for the Christian, things must continue to be "business as usual," but perhaps with a slight twist. There is an urgency to the times. From my perspective, the rapid decline of churches and once-trusted Christian leaders is the most alarming indicator that we are indeed in the last of the last days. Of course, it could still be years, decades or longer before Christ returns, but nevertheless, we must feel the urgency today. The Church in the first-century felt it, so why do so many Christians today seem downright complacent, even lethargic? We must be about the business of sharing the great Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is returning. Soon, I hope! So while our business as Christians is always to share the Gospel, let us be reminded of the times in which we live, and let it urge us out of our complacency and move us into action. We do, after all, have the best news...EVER!

Now, having said all that, here's your abbreviated week in review (kind of):
  • The president still thinks the national motto is "E pluribus unum."
  • Vance Havner speaks about discernment in the church (or the lack thereof):

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  1. Vance is becoming one of my new favorite friends who I've never met and is dead.


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