14 October 2011

This 'n' That

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to next week's impending rapture, the core team for Escalator Church has decided to postpone our first vision-casting meeting until after this momentous event. Once we know how many of us have survived, we will announce a new date. This past week, we have been deeply moved by the display of devotion that so many of you have already shown toward this endeavor. We are certain that we are building a move of God as we glide upward with this dream.

Okay, okay, enough Escalator Church jokes. For now, anyway. It's Friday again, our God is on the throne, and regardless of whether you've had a joyous week or a stressful one, He is sovereign, almighty and good! Remember this above all. Oh, and here's your week in review (kind of):
  • Speaking of the rapture, Harold Camping says that it will finally happen or finish or something, on Friday, October 21. Well, maybe.
  • Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary, says that Mormonism isn't exactly a cult, stating, "I do accept many of my Mormon friends as genuine followers of the Jesus whom I worship as the divine Savior." Yeah, let me know how that ends up working out. Send me a postcard from Kolob.
  • Listen to "Grateful for the Gospel," preached by Don Green: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Because sometimes we all just need a good, classic laugh:


  1. Parents/teachers should never rely on a cartoon to teach the gospel. I love Veggie Tales for the very reason mentioned-teaching about morals. I would much rather a child watch these cartoons than most anything on TV. It's the same way I feel about Little House on the Prairie re-runs-they show people leading moral lives, but not much in the way of actual scripture.

    My niece, now 16, was raised watching Veggie Tales-and owns most of the videos. She still loves them. She knows more about the Bible than most adult Christians. Why? The videos were for entertainment. Church and parents provided the Bible teaching.

  2. RE: "ANNOUNCEMENT" I am deeply disappointed... I have been preparing for this vision casting thing and I do have experience and skills that would take me far in this field. See I am a Fly Fisherman and I can cast fairly well in vicinity of a hundred feet with my fly rod. I do understand that these "visions" are less tangible than my flies, lines or rods and therefore I am certain that I could cast them way further than my lines. Please let me know when this event will be reinstated and I hope we will meet outdoors in wide open space so pastors/life coaches and pastrixes/melodrama prophetesses can see my vision casting results. I think TBN should be invited to record the results. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Love the comment on Kolob. Had to chuckle. Really had a good laugh at Lucy. You gotta love her. With all the depressing stuff going on, glad to see that we can escape for six minutes.
    Thanks! Appreciate how you keep us informed. Sad to see what is happening but good to know that our God is in charge.

  4. Forgive me for the delay in responding to some of these comments, but I've been busy the past couple of days. There is a local furniture store that I'm trying to shut down with prayers so that Escalator Church may meet in that facility in the future. (Yes, I'm kidding. If you didn't understand that joke, watch this: http://youtu.be/d-PQ_aqcUVo)

    I certainly agree that I'd rather children watch something that instills morals rather than 98% of the garbage that's on TV today. However, if something claims itself to be Christian, then perhaps it ought to teach a bit of Christianity? Otherwise we run the risk of children confusing moralism with true faith, and thus creating false converts. True, church and parents provide the bulk of the teaching, but why can't these shows serve to reinforce that? As it stands, they may be working in opposition to true Gospel teaching. Just a thought.

    Please do not be too disappointed! I am excited that you have already been preparing for the vision casting meeting - we will most certainly be able to use your skills! As I mentioned, once we know whether or not the rapture has occurred per Harold Camping's prediction, we will be able to move onward and upward with this great movement that we are creating. We have a call in to TBN to air the vision meeting live, however I believe they're booked - this time of year is prime "vision" time, as pastors must all begin the year-end appeal for money. Perhaps once we have made a name for ourselves we will be able to gain the attention of this great golden entity.

    Glad you enjoyed the Lucy video! Amidst all that is going on, sometimes we just need a good, old-fashioned laugh!


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