07 October 2011

This 'n' That

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier this week and somehow we came up with the idea of starting "Escalator Church." Everything seems to be moving upward these days, what with Elevation Church and the Vertical Church blog among others, and Escalator Church just seemed like the next natural step. Our first vision casting meeting will be a week from Sunday. Hope to see you there! But, that exciting day is not here yet, so while we wait here's your week in review (kind of):

  • Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday. In this post, Al Mohler expresses a lot of my same thoughts.
  • C. Peter Wagner, head of the New Apostolic Reformation, did an interview earlier this week with NPR. Herescope reports.
  • Chris Rosebrough exposes the unbiblical practice of "vision casting:"


  1. We are grateful to you for stepping out in faith with your Escalator Church iniative and are eagerly awaiting your first vision casting meeting. Our pens are poised above our checkbooks - but please, we need you to inform us how much God is leading us to give.

    thank you.

  2. Anonymous,

    It warms my heart to see such enthusiasm growing already for Escalator Church. We are very excited about this movement that God is surely starting. More details will follow, especially as regards financials. I know that the goats...er, sheep...cannot know what to give unless they are instructed by their anointed leader. It is my expectation that God will be speaking more about this in my evening session of centering prayer. I will be sure to pass along any messages.

    But seriously, Anonymous - if I was giving awards away for the comment that made me laugh the loudest, it would have to be yours. Congratulations! :)

  3. I also am excited about the start of Escalator Church and am seeking to "ascend" with those of similar escalatory worldviews.

    I look forward to your first book... " Rising without handrails"...I know that these things cost money...but what little I have, I am willing to part with for such an UP-LIFTING

    I will stop the puns now as they are now "escalating" beyond even modestly good taste.

  4. One more thing, ..as head pastrix for Escalator Church... the membership wishes to affirm your vision for a new Cadillac Escalade and cap.


  5. I must say that the enthusiasm and dedication that has already been displayed for Escalator Church is heart-warming. It also serves as further confirmation that this vision is truly a divine one. I cannot wait for all of us to travel upward together, experiencing the uplifting goodness of God's love.

    Anonymous, it means so much to me that the congregation has already affirmed this vision of necessity for some new wheels. I will be at the dealership as soon as they open tomorrow so that the order may be placed for an Escalade with all the upgrades. I know that it will be a tremendous witness for me to be seen driving around town in this new vehicle and I will don the cap wherever I go (unless I'm having a really good hair day).



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