04 October 2011

Politics Will Not and Cannot Save You

As was noted in such posts as "Should the Church Seek to 'Take this Nation Back?'" it is not the job of the church - or even of individual Christians - to moralize and attempt to "Christianize" America. In the end, Satan doesn't care if you're a murderer or a do-gooder, so long as you have not repented and put your faith in Jesus Christ. As I've said before, whether you live in a "Christian" nation or not will not matter one iota on Judgment Day.

The antics of the so-called "religious right" should really only prove this fact. For instance, this past weekend, Pat Robertson declared Mormon Mitt Romney to be "an outstanding Christian."
Although many evangelicals are skeptical of the Mormon faith’s claim to Christianity, Robertson called former Massachusetts Governor Romney an “outstanding Christian” in an interview with The Associated Press.
But when asked if he was alright with a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the White House, the 81-year-old head of the television network refused to answer. (Online Source)
Now of course Pat Robertson is not representative of most self-professed Christians, because he's certainly known for spouting his fair share of ridiculousness. Consider, then, GOP candidate Rick Perry, who earlier this year hosted The Response, a national prayer event in conjunction with IHOP and multiple representatives of the aberrant New Apostolic Reformation movement. Recently, Perry appointed Susan Olsen co-chair of his Florida Leadership Team. Who is Susan Olsen? As the video below demonstrates, she is someone who teaches dominionism and the 7 Mountain Mandate. Oh, and she believes in raising people from the dead:

As Christine Pack of Sola Sisters rightly points out,
The reason this matters is because Pam Olsen is co-chair of Rick Perry's Florida Presidency leadership team. Rick Perry has attempted to distance himself and has said (along with his supporters) that he is NOT a Dominionist. And yet here is Perry's Florida co-chair clearly teaching Dominionism and the 7 Mountain Mandate. (Online Source)
So if your hope is resting in next year's election, you may want to change your focus. Place your hope in Jesus Christ. He's the only One who can truly save you.


  1. Crazy 'ol Uncle Pat strikes again. This is the first I've heard about his latest comments-probably because I try to not pay any attention to him.

    I've been trying to convince my Christian friends for years that they shouldn't be drinking the kool-aid being offered up by the Republicans, Robertson, Dodson, and others. They were only being used by conservatives for votes. I think many are finally seeing the light.

    Too many apply a religious litmus test to candidates, and as a result we just get a lot of phony talk about how often they go to church or what god has done in their lives. They have forgotten that before GW Bush people were more concerned about their stances on issues and their actual ability to run the country rather than a church attendance scorecard.

    I could go on and on... :)

  2. Yeah, I try to ignore Robertson myself, but sometimes he's just there and won't go away!

    I agree that many seem to be seeing the light on some of these individuals, but there are still so many who either refuse to see it or simply can't see it because they've been blinded. So many still equate making this a more "Christian" nation with being the purpose of the Church. I believe that is a terribly unfortunate side effect to the lack of biblical preaching in the pulpit today.


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