02 October 2011

Please Do Not Feed the Elephants

As I mentioned on Friday, this elephant that is the invitation to T.D. Jakes to participate in the Elephant Room conference is simply not going away. While we grieve that heresies such as modalism are still alive and thriving today, in one sense we can be thankful for this latest stir-up. Satan, though crafty, is not in the business of devising brand new deceptions. Rather, he is quite skilled at polishing off the old ones to make them appear shiny and new. So by studying church history and being aware of what has plagued us in the past, we can be better prepared to stand and defend against those same false teachings that have infiltrated our churches today. I pray that this controversy has caused many to not only learn about the heresy of modalism, but more importantly to reflect and study more about the biblical doctrine of the Trinity. That is why we may be thankful for false teachings - because they give necessary opportunity for us to grow stronger in our understanding of our faith, and because they force us to be courageous enough to defend that faith.

All that said,Thabiti Anyabwile has written an important, concise and reflective post about James MacDonald's invitation to T.D. Jakes. Below is an excerpt, but please visit his site to read the entire post.
MacDonald and Driscoll can moderate discussions with anyone they wish.  But we kid ourselves if we think inviting someone so recalcitrant about fundamental biblical teaching as Jakes can result in anything positive.  MacDonald, Driscoll and others will not be the first to privately and publicly exhort, admonish, instruct and challenge Jakes on this vital issue–to no avail thus far.  And we kid ourselves if we think the Elephant Room invitation itself isn’t an endorsement of sorts.  We can’t downplay the associations by calling for people to suspend judgment and responding ad hominem against “discernment bloggers.”  We certainly can’t do that while simultaneously pointing to our association at The Gospel Coalition as a happy certification of orthodoxy and good practice, as Driscoll seems to do here with MacDonald.
This isn’t on the scale of Piper inviting Warren.  This is more akin to Augustine inviting Muhammad.  This invitation gives a platform to a heretic.  It’s imprudent and counter-productive–witness already the Trinity-related confusions and obfuscations happening since announcing Jakes’ involvement.
Can the Lord squeeze lemonade out of this lemon?  Absolutely.  I pray He does.  Is it likely?  We’ll see. 
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"This is more akin to Augustine inviting Muhammad. This invitation gives a platform to a heretic." Blunt, yet true. Unfortunately, it seems that full answers to the countless swirling questions surrounding this situation will not be obtained until January 25, 2012. I guess we just have to keep feeding the elephant until then.

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