26 October 2011

The Modern Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

This past Sunday, John MacArthur delivered a stellar sermon at his home church. I know, I know, what else is new? But this is one that you'll want to hear. Deviating a bit from his usual verse-by-verse exposition, MacArthur took the time to expose some of today's dangerous, deceptive teachings that are infiltrating the church and Christian circles. These are movements that find themselves blaspheming the Holy Spirit by the very nature of their false teaching. MacArthur then demonstrated the true doctrine of the Holy Spirit as taught to us in God's Word. This was an introductory sermon, as Dr. MacArthur intends to continue teaching on the Holy Spirit in the coming weeks. I pray you'll take the time to listen.

You can access the sermon, "The Modern Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" here.

Something that MacArthur touched on more than once in this sermon was the idea that, "Wherever you see a work that is really the ministry of the Holy Spirit, you will see men humbled and Christ exalted." This thought really struck me. As we look at much of today's popular evangelicalism - the hip pastors, the huge screens, the spotlights on the most talented members of the "praise and worship band," we must ask ourselves: is this truly a work of the Holy Spirit? Are men being humbled and is Christ being exalted? I fear that, in many instances it is precisely the opposite.

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  1. I listened to that one yesterday. It was wonderful. He is such a good pastor. Like you, his illumination of the scriptures brought out new truths to me. I have often felt that the Spirit is overlooked. I think so highly of the Spirit, and praise Him often. It really hurt when I listened to MacArthur describe all the ways the Spirit is being blasphemed and grieved right now through false attribution to Him of some of today's heretical teachings.


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