09 October 2011

Bill Hybels to Teach "Straight from the Text"

The following email was sent earlier this week by a Willow Creek campus church (I've erased identifying information only):

The announcement seemed strange, almost as if it's unprecedented that their senior pastor, Bill Hybels, would "be teaching straight from the text." Hey, there's a first time for everything.

1 comment:

  1. The very fact that someone would start out by asking a God whose truth is externally revealed to us to ask "whats in it for me?" (couched in "teach ME) says a great deal. It's all about ME. And then to say they will be teaching straight from the text should warn someone that based on the former the latter won't be true.
    "Awake my soul": there it is again, "MY" soul. In CGM Churches it always begins with ME. The Bible however begins and ends with God. I would even interpret 'bring your Bibles this weekend' as: "so we can velcro bible scripture onto our man made ideas for psychological salve".


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