28 October 2011

Another Voice of Reason Speaks to a True Elephant in the Room

At the Grace to You blog, Director of Internet Ministry Travis Allen has just posted an articulate, thoughtful article entitled, "The Elephant in the Elephant Room." In the midst of this controversy, he revisits a lengthy conversation from the first Elephant Room conference, namely, the conversation surrounding Perry Noble's use of the song "Highway to Hell" in the Easter worship service.

Just to remind you, Noble played a song that scoffs at divine judgment and revels in rebellion in the worship service of a church that purportedly belongs to Jesus Christ. Not only does he say God used it, but God approved of them doing it.
At the end of the day, the church leaders in the room were clearly reticent to say what Perry Noble did was sinful. In fact, at 42:51, James MacDonald summed it up by saying, “I definitely don’t think it was sinful for him to do it.”
Look, I’m no one special, but I just can’t let that go. That’s terribly misleading to allow people to come away from that video believing what you do in a worship service is simply a matter of preference. There are preference issues, but we can never think they don’t matter in the eyes of Christ, the sovereign head of the church.
James MacDonald has positioned himself as a mentor to these younger pastors. Two of them asked the senior pastor in the room, “Was that wrong? Was that sinful?” Love demands a better answer than they received. Mentoring them demands speaking the truth, not your opinion, in love.
Exactly. Thank you, sir, for saying so well what so many of us have been thinking. Allen concludes his article by expressing a concern that I certainly share:
Whenever the clear voice of God in His Word is blunted or diminished, whether by ignorance or neglect, God will rest too inconsequentially upon the church. I fear we’re becoming a generation that’s doing church in a way that is counterproductive to true worship. And I’m concerned it’s because we don’t fear God as we should, and we’re becoming accustomed to doing what is right in our own eyes. 
Please take the time to read this article in its entirety.

Please Do Not Feed the Elephants


  1. I agree fully with the " Grace to You" author who rightly says that having the satanic " Highway to Hell " in a worship service is offering "Strange Fire".

    The only thing " stranger" is James Macdonalds' spiritual blindness and incredible timerity to suggest that such a blasphemous spectacle is not " sin or sinful".

    That one incredible staement alone would absolutely be more than enough for me to run out of the exit doors if I were a "Harvestonian".

  2. When I first heard about "The Elephant Room" I was excited and couldn't wait to attend. But I didn't get to go because i could not afford the admission fee. Then I thought I would get to watch it online, but there was a fee for that too. And then I thought maybe i could get the videos but I can't afford those either.

    I'm not sad over this anymore. The Elephant Room has gotten so much attention lately and I have now read so much and seen so many of the video clips that I thank God that I did not throw away our family's money on this. I am embarrassed for my pastor (James MacDonald)and really just stunned at how he is handling the well deserved criticism. In some sense I believe he is being unmasked.

    I am not ready to jump ship from Harvest just yet. I am praying that James MacDonald will repent and issue an apology to us, his sheep. He is failing in his sherparding of us and, not to be overly dramatic, throwing us to the wolves.

    Please pray for James. Surely he is a deceived man and perhaps God will not leave him in this place.

  3. Anonymous: when did the first red flag go up for you at HBC? For me, one of the first red flags was when the 3 Stowells on staff all left HBC about the same time.

  4. Hi rom623rom828,
    Prominent people leave Harvest and it seems I am the last to know. i am still wondering where Dave Corning went. He was head of the elder board. Then it seemed like I never saw him any more. when I asked around, no one seemed to know where he went. (I do not know any of the leadership at Harvest - just members of the congregation like myself.) So maybe I am just clueless. I just don't get what is happening at my church. But if anyone knows where Dave Corning went I would be curious to know. Ron Allchin, too. He was an elder and I never see him any more.


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