26 September 2011

What is a "Church Unique Vision Kit?"

Is your church lost in a sea of mediocrity due to its copy-cat vision and mission? Well, flounder no more! "Clarity Evangelist" Will Mancini has developed exactly what you need to develop "stunningly clear" vision for your church.

Unfortunately, this isn't a joke. Mancini's website boasts that he "has served as vision architect for hundreds of churches across the country including the leading churches within Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Non-denominational settings, and notable pastors Chuck Swindoll and Max Lucado. Will’s style blends the best of three worlds: the process thinking from the discipline of engineering, the communications savvy as an ad agency executive, and the practical theology as a pastoral leader."

The "Unique Vision Kit" includes: 
  • CHURCH UNIQUE BOOK: (1) Written to help you find your Church Unique and live a vision that creates a stunningly unique, movement-oriented church. (The Church Unique Vision Kit includes one copy of the book.)  
  • LEADERS GUIDE: (1) Step by step instructions for the leader of the Church Unique Vision Pathway process. Everything you need to lead 8 vision clarifying team sessions.
  • DVD: (1) Video teaching from Will Mancini provides insight, encouragement, and inspiration. 
  • PARTICIPANT GUIDE: (9) Map, journal, and sketch book to help each team member participate effectively in the vision clarifcation process. (Pick up your own 3 ring binders at your favorite office supply retailer.) 
  • VISION DECK:  (1) 52 optional exercises to inspire visionary teams. 
  • JOE GROW: (9) Bendable figure empowers teams to explore the impact of vision on real people.
  • COMPASS KEY CHAIN: (9) Take home object lesson for team members. 
  • COLLABORATION CUBES: (9) Table top team interaction style reminders for team members. 
  • VISION FRAMES: (9) Customizable frame for team participants to record the vision outcomes. 
  • ALIGNMENT RING: (1) Illustrates the power of a unifed vision and momentum. 
  • ROLE CARDS: (9) One laminated role card with key responsibilities for each team member. 
  • MISSION CARDS: (9) One wallet sized card for each person to record your unique mission. 
  • WALL CHARTS: (18) Posters that illustrate key concepts in the Vision Pathway Process as well as charts to capture your unique vision. (Pick up additional flip charts or blank sheets of newsprint to record ideas at your favorite office supply retailer.)
Perhaps my favorite in the list above is the "Joe Grow" bendable figure. Really? Are they serious? When did Gumby become the mascot for church "vision?"

What is most grievous, however, is that the idea of a special, unique "vision" from God is not something that we see in the Bible at all. Read Acts and tell me which chapter talks about Peter "casting vision" for those first believers. It's not there. If these seeker-driven pastors would trash their dreams of popularity and earthly success, they would come to realize God's true "vision" for His Church: That the Gospel of salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ be proclaimed to all and that His Word be taught boldly, correctly, and without compromise. Pastors, you are not "vision casters," you are shepherds. You are under-shepherds of the Good Shepherd Himself, Jesus Christ. He has entrusted you with a portion of His flock and has commanded you to "feed My sheep." What an amazingly humbling, daunting, yet all-important call. If this is your call, please don't forsake it for "vision casting" and gimmicks. Please, pastor, just preach the Word. Let God take care of the rest.