10 September 2011

Usurping Christ's Headship

"Non-biblical ministry, non-expository preaching, non-doctrinal teaching usurps Christ's headship, silencing His voice to His church and gives honor to proud independence and autonomy as if it is a virtue.  This approach strips the church of the mind of Christ, builds indifference and ignorance toward the Scripture, prevents the preacher from being the voice of the Lord to His church, removes protection from error and sin, eliminates transcendence and clarity, cripples worship, produces compromisers and cheats people of the glory of their head in all His fullness." - John MacArthur, from his sermon "Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church"


  1. That is a long list of dangers the Christian exposes himself to when remaining in a church where sound preaching is not given! When Christ is the Head, Christ is all- and even more, He is safety from the dangers of this world.

    I was talking with someone a long time ago about the church they attended. They were discontent, recognizing that the Lord was not head of this church nor was the Word being preached soundly. I asked why they would not go to a different church. "Aw, I'm too old to change churches now," was the reply. I always felt sad about that response even to this day.

    Christ must be the head of the church, period. Not any other consideration.

  2. Amen, Elizabeth. I hear from far too many people who, even though they recognize error in their church, are either afraid to leave for fear of being ostracized or are just confident that they'll be able to spot any dangerous teachings. Yet, as you said "Christ must be the head of the church, period." If He is not, then it is not a church and the Christian should not be there.

  3. As the very 1st humans on earth proved and showed... Sinful men tend to choose "relationship" with men ( and/or women ) over promised communion with God even when warned of the dangers.

    And the beat goes on......


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