15 September 2011

Thursday's Spurgeon

Beloved, since we have, then, a way of coming to God that is appointed by God, and that is so fit a way, let us also be glad that it is so available a way. Any soul here that wishes to come to God by Christ may come. There is no embargo in Scripture against any man’s coming. “No man cometh unto the Father but by Me”; but whoever will come that way may come, and he may come as he is. He may come without any other help than that which God has provided. That is a sweet thought. You do want a mediator between your soul and God, but you do not want any mediator between your souls and Christ. You cannot come to God except through the intervention of another, but you may come to Jesus just as you are, whoever you may be, and in whatever state of heart you may be. If God the Holy Ghost do but give thee the will now to come, and thou desirest to approach to God like a poor prodigal, saying, “Father, I have sinned,” come along the blood-stained way of the Redeemer’s sacrifice, and there shall be no lion there to stop thee, but all along it the sweet bells of Heaven shall ring, “Come and welcome! Come and welcome! Come and welcome!” Every soul may come that cometh to God by Jesus Christ. That is the limit; but come by Him, and those that come unto Him He will in no wise cast out. (
(from Able to the Uttermost: Twenty Gospel Sermons) 

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