30 September 2011

This 'n' That

Well, for those of you who were expecting the Rapture this week with Rosh Hashanah, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, we are not yet living in glory with our Lord. The good news is, Scripture wasn't lying, and while we can most certainly read the signs of the season, we really don't know the day of Christ's return for His Church! (And before you get sore at me, let me be clear that I am eagerly awaiting this event myself, but am simply making light of our natural tendency to want to know definitively when it will occur! Please don't send angry emails.) With that, and since we are still living on this fallen earth, here's your week in review (kind of):
  • James MacDonald continues his attempts to clarify what he's said.
  • Steven Furtick shares with us the pastors he regularly listens to and learns from. Isn't there an old saying about garbage in, garbage out? But don't worry, he included Spurgeon, so he must be okay.
  • I may have shared this in the past, but if so, it's worth watching again. If I could embed video into my latest research paper, it would be this one, because it so aptly addresses my chosen topic.


  1. I love your week in review blogs!

    I watched the "It will cost you everything". Thanks so much for sharing it. Not only did I have a great 11 minutes, but I found a new pastor to listen to. Double thank you!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Glad you enjoy the weekly posts!

    Steve Lawson is a phenomenal preacher. If you have 90 minutes and a blank notebook, go here: http://www.resolved.org/media/ and listen to his message, "Our So Great Salvation." I think it's quite possibly the most powerful sermon I've ever heard.

  3. Steve Lawson is one of my very favorite preachers. The man is gifted beyond belief. I doubt he will ever become a "celebrity pastor". Get to know him. Thank you Ebenz for making his sermons known. He is too busy preaching the Word to "market" himself.


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