27 September 2011

Should the Church Seek to "Take this Nation Back?"

Answer: No. It is the church's job to proclaim the Gospel, repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. It is not the job of the church to "reclaim America" for God. Souls are saved individually, not corporately. The only thing that will change this nation or any other is the clear proclamation of the Gospel. Political campaigns, protests, and mass prayers on the steps of government buildings, though perhaps well-intentioned, are often focused merely upon outward moral change. Yet many good, moral people will still find themselves in an eternity of torment because they never repented and trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Whether you live in a "Christian" nation or not will not matter one iota on judgment day. Unfortunately, some surely well-meaning Christians seemingly have lost sight of this.

According to One News Now:
ST. PAUL, MN - Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's evangelical pastor is joining her on the campaign trail.

Rev. Mac Hammond told members of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Sunday that he and his wife will campaign with Bachmann, and that he may chair a national faith council for her, too. He called Bachmann "a sister in the Lord" who is committed to the Bible. He added that he's been Bachmann's "personal pastor" for some time.

The pastor said he and his wife have already made a campaign appearance for Bachmann. He introduced her on Friday in Nashville at a gathering of about 300 pastors, where he says he "got an opportunity to talk about the vital importance of the church rising up to take this nation back. Amen."

Hammond said his campaign work would be as a private citizen and not on behalf of the church.
(emphasis mine)
Bachmann apparently attends Living Word Christian Center in the Minneapolis area. Upon visiting their website, one will discover that they've invited quasi-prosperity preacher John Hagee to preach October 21 - 23.
(Online Source)

Hagee fits right in with the Word Faith crowd on TBN, and you can read a bit more about that here and here for starters. He also seems to espouse a form of dual covenant theology, as the article "The Other Gospel of John Hagee" found at Personal Freedom Outreach points out:
In short, Hagee believes that some Jews are not saved by the cross of Christ but by prior election and their pedigree in Abraham. There is a way of salvation in Christ and an election of grace for the Jew apart from Christ. No matter how you nuance it or define it, this is “Two Covenant” theology. This can be classified technically as a modified “Dual Covenant” idea regardless of what Hagee wants to call it or not call it. Hagee believes that two covenants are in force: A covenant of election for the Jew and a covenant of grace for the Gentile. This is an attack on the very Gospel as presented by Jesus and Paul, as we’ll see. And then what about half Jews or Jewish converts? Where do they stand? (Online source. I suggest you visit PFO's site and read this entire article).
Just one more thing for us to be mindful of as the worries of this world continue to take our focus off of Jesus Christ and onto earthly and temporal matters.

"He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:20)

Amen. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


  1. Amen. You should do another post on why American Christians shouldn't try to "save" America. Maybe do one a week. I'm serious. So many Christians are buying into this thinking.(and if we are honest we probably were there too, once.) Our christian leaders led us here. I think over the years of Jay Sekulow, the American Family Assoc., Dr.Dobson. They kept us on the edge of our seats with the latest "outrage" from our political systems and our society. We have been told for decades that we have GOT to save America, we've got to stop the abortions,we've got to keep our kids from getting into stuff, we've got to elect the right president (and the current election cycle is always the most critical one we have faced), we've got to make sure that the right supreme court justices get chosen, we've got to save marriage and the family, we've got to stop hollywoods next project, etc. None of these are necessarily bad things. I vote, I believe we ought to be good citizens. We ought to be salt and light. But as you say it is the gospel which changes hearts and nations. It changed my heart and yours and that is a start. But we need to let go of this idolatry of country because that is what it is, ultimately. We have been put here for a time by God according to His sovereignty but if our nation is destroyed, then I see it as God's timing. For He lifts one up and He brings one low and everything serves His purposes, including the USA.

  2. Anonymous,

    I agree that this idolatry of nation is increasingly dangerous. In fact, I believe that a large reason why the apostasy in the church has been able to get so out of hand is because Christians have been so focused on these worldly affairs, seeking to moralize a pagan nation rather than seeking to defend the Gospel as it's being compromised within its own walls. I would love to be able to promise a weekly post, but with my schedule I opt to not promise anything outside of my weekly Spurgeon and Sunday Praise posts! I will most definitely try to get these thoughts out there more often though.


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