30 September 2011

Set Your DVR - Rob Bell's Coming to TV

Well, sort of. Looks like one of the projects Bell will be working on upon leaving his "church" is a television series for ABC based loosely on his own life. Ah, can you feel the humility?

New York Magazine reports:
If you were a fan of the more spiritual elements in Lost, the following news may just be of interest. Vulture hears that Carlton Cuse, one-half of the Darlton duo which ran ABC's six-year magical mystery tour, has closed a deal with ABC to write and exec produce a potential new show called Stronger. Plot summary: It's about a musician named Tom Stronger who ends up becoming a benefactor and spiritual guide. Cuse is not diving into this world blindly, however: He's teaming with bestselling author Rob Bell ("Love Wins"), who will write the pilot with Cuse and also exec produce. So how'd the two men connect?

According to our spies, Bell and Cuse first met up a few years back, at Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world dinner. They kept in touch and ultimately came up with the idea of a series that would be loosely based on Bell's own life story as a musician who ended up founding his own church, Michigan's Mars Hill Bible Church. While based on biblical principles, Bell's brand of spirituality is not about hard-core evangelical, fire-and-brimstone teachings. Instead, his goal is to service folks' spiritual needs without the overlay of religious dogma (see also: Oprah). Stronger is similarly expected to explore spiritual themes but without being as on-the-nose as other recent series that have tackled these issues, such as 7th Heaven and Touched by an Angel. There's also expected to be a narrative twist to the project that will make it a bit unconventional, but for now, that detail is being kept secret (this show is from a Lost-ie after all). (Online Source)
As of this morning, Twitter is abuzz with suggestions for a title for this new series. My favorite thus far has been Nobody's Lost. Yes, that would just about sum up Rob Bell's theology and "spirituality!"

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  1. Smarmy spirituality.
    Just look at that photo.
    The lighting. The Pose.
    A poser.

  2. "Smarmy" is a good word. I am sure that word will become more prominent in my vocabulary as I assess the state of "Christianity" in our country.


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