07 September 2011

Jesus at the Surface of Our Affections

"The danger of worldliness is seen in its power to eclipse our love for Jesus, and perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in our speech. If your heart is captured by sports, clothes, games, cars, or self, then Jesus is crowded out of your speech.
But as Jesus rises to the surface of your affections, He will become uneclipsed in your life. When this happens, He will become the one you can't stop talking about. Your heart will overflow with the truth of who He is and what He has done.
This is the essence of evangelism. When Jesus fills your heart, you can't help but tell others about Him." - Rick Holland, Uneclipsing the Son 


  1. Our church recommends a "book of the month" to our members. The one for September is "Uneclipsing the Son!" I appreciate the quotes you've shared and will probably need to purchase this book.

  2. It's a fairly small book and is written in such a way that it's an "easy read." Not simplistic in truth or content, but very reader-friendly with an important message. I definitely recommend it!


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