06 September 2011

Is Steven Furtick "Tweeting" Threats?

It certainly seems that way. Though the following "tweet" isn't directed at anyone in particular, it comes on the heels of a couple of weeks of criticism that has been rightfully directed toward Furtick. Judge for yourself, is the good pastor tweeting threats?

What a mature, Godly thing for a pastor to say! Tell me, "Pastor" Steven, do you have a Bible verse for that threat?


  1. What a humble response to the criticism he has been receiving. Something a 13 year old would say my wife pointed out. Wow...

  2. Comparing Furtick to a 13 year old is an insult to 13 year olds. I teach middle school and many 13 year old a far more mature than Goat Hearder Furtick.

  3. It's so sad to see people criticizing others. Get a life!

  4. What I think is sad is a supposed "pastor" seemingly threatening those who have spoken out against his erroneous teachings.


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