19 September 2011

Furtick Says You Can't Fake Favor Forever




  1. What an interesting statement. It seems to reveal that Furtick believes he has God's favor. I hope he's talking about the unmerited favor Christians have on account of Christ and His merits. But I do not think he is talking about that but rather a works-based "favor" given what he preaches.

  2. Check out: http://hollyfurtick.typepad.com/the_preachers_wife/2009/01/style-file.html

    Say what you want about him, but he does have a keen sense of fashion, don't you think? And by laying out his socks over the shoes from his well-chosen wardrobe he plans to wear the next day he sets an example for all of us to live a well-ordered life, wouldn't you agree?

  3. Anonymous,

    I LOL'd when I read your comment - thanks for the morning laugh!


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