20 September 2011

Did Perry Noble Lie?

It certainly seems that way. Click here to watch a video wherein it is demonstrated that Perry Noble flat-out lied to James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll at this Spring's Elephant Room conference. I opted not to post the video here due to Perry Noble's use of foul language.

The Elephant Room Returns 


  1. Hey !!! Didnt you get the memo ?We are not supposed to point out liars in pulpits...we are supposed to show our super-duper love for lying pulpiteers by pretending NOT to hear their lies and heresies.

    No ? You didn't get the memo ?

    No,, I didnt either ..thanks for pointing this lying snake out.

  2. LOL, nope I missed that memo! And I'm so glad I did!

  3. I knew this guy is a snake venom, excuse me snake oil sales man after watching the first 30 seconds of the Elephant in the Room nonsense. What is most troubling in this video (second part) is the laughter of those gullible who allow themselves to be entranced by this vulgar and shallow sales pitch by Noble that is not noble at all. Perhaps it is not just that but also goats laughing?


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