07 September 2011

Steven Furtick's 12 Days of Revival

Nothing would make me happier than to go an entire week without a "Steven Furtick Update." But, since it seems to be his aim and agenda to keep himself visible and influential, the warnings have to be sounded. Oh, sure, most of my readers know well enough to stay away from Furtick himself, but it goes beyond that.  This seeker-driven, oftentimes bordering on word-faith preaching "pastor" has been and continues to be endorsed and upheld by men who have up until now been considered trustworthy among the Christian community. I am speaking, of course, of men like James MacDonald and Matt Chandler, who by their involvement with Steven Furtick have for all intents and purposes given their apparent blessing on his ministry. The final confirmation arrived when MacDonald invited Furtick to preach from his pulpit this summer, thus leading all those who trust the leadership and teaching of James MacDonald to assume that Steven Furtick must align with what MacDonald has professed to believe and teach for all the years of his ministry.

As if that wasn't enough, Steven Furtick has recently announced his plans for a big, 12-day event coming in January which he has, in his very cool and relevant manner, named Code Orange Revival.

What, then, is Code Orange?
Code Orange has a lot of meanings in different sectors of society, but in general it signifies that there is a heightened sense that something big is about to happen. Probably the most fitting example that relates to our revival is the description for the Code Orange stage of a volcano: "Exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption, timeframe uncertain."

That's what the Code Orange Revival is about. We are asking and believing God for an eruption of His power and movement among us in 2012. The 12 days that we will gather for the revival is the stage just before the eruption. (Online Source)
So block off your calendar, because apparently God is booked from January 11-22 next year. After all, He apparently can't "move" unless a bunch of speakers are gathered together to preach for 12 days. Perhaps I'm just whimsical in my thinking, but it seems to me that God is doing big things every day. Just because it's not something visibly "big" by man's terms does not mean that He isn't working. Did someone in the world get saved today? I'm guessing the answer is yes...and that's the absolute biggest, most "eruptive" miracle anyone could ask for.

Now, just who is on the list of speakers for this event? You guessed it, James MacDonald and Matt Chandler. Apprising Ministries has already touched on this here and here. A quick glance at the full lineup proves even more interesting:

Over the next few days, I hope to offer a bit more detail about each one of these speakers. My original intent was to do so in one over-arching post, but I quickly realized that it would be quite lengthy! So we'll split it up as time allows, and hopefully it will become apparent why the Bible-believing community should be concerned about all of these men and woman sharing a stage. Now, if this opportunity is taken to call Furtick and others to repentance for their misuse and abuse of God's Word, then no one would be cheering more loudly than me. I suspect, however, that such a thing will not occur, but I am always happy to be proven wrong.

So stay tuned, and keep praying. Who knows, maybe God will grant "an eruption of His power and movement," and bring some of these dangerous, Scripture-twisting pastors to their knees in repentance.


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Steven Furtick and "Prophet" Brian Carn (from Apprising Ministries)


  1. EBenz, thank you SO much for all the research you continue to do and updating us on Steven Furtick so we are aware of what is happening.

    I always cringe when I hear the word 'revival,' because sadly every time I have heard about revivals in the past, (Pensacola Florida 'revival,' Toronto 'Blessing,' 'revival,' and Todd Bentley's 'revival') they have mainly focused on unbiblical, sometimes demonic manifestations, instead of on man's sinful condition, his need for repentance, and giving a clear presentation of the good news that Jesus paid our debt to sin in full and we can be forgiven and covered with the righteousness of Christ.

    Even though I don't think Steven Furtick has involved himself with these far out types of characters, he IS, as you have warned us in your previous posts, involved with many who preach 'Word Faith' false teachings, and that alone is cause for concern.

    This verse always comes to mind when I see 'revivals' that have a hyped up, party-like atmosphere... "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up." (James 4:7-10)

    AMEN, EBenz! A person coming to Christ IS definitely the greatest miracle that God can do among us! 'The angels rejoice in heaven every time a person repents.' (Luke 15:10) Sadly, because the focus of the importance of preaching the gospel and equipping the saints seems to have shifted to instead 'preaching' on topics that will 'bring them in,' many who come to church that do not yet have a knowledge of the truth, will slip into eternity just having their ears tickled, and never hearing their need for a Savior, and never experience the joy of knowing Christ, having their sins forgiven, and leading someone else to Christ .

    Looking forward to your updates, and will be continuing to pray for God to move upon the hearts of Steven Furtick, Pastor James, and all involved. May they be gripped by the Holy Spirit and see their need to get back to preaching 'the gospel, because IT is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes...' (Romans 1:16) Maybe then we would see TRUE revival break out!

    God Bless You And Your Ministry

  2. Well written blog post Satan himself couldn't say it much better. I love when the "true christians" bash these imposters like Furtic & McDonald. Jakes Young and the rest of these fakes. Blessings and keep up the tearing down of the kingdom

  3. Shall I point out the irony of the above comment? Nah, it's not worth it...

    Anonymous from 12/24, I pray that you had a blessed Christmas, remembering the incarnation of our sinless Savior, and I pray that you are anxiously awaiting His Second Coming in power and judgment.

  4. Matthew 12:30
    “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters."
    Okay, everything has to be about Jesus. Are people coming to Christ? or to Furtick? THEY ARE COMING TO CHRIST! They are renewing their commitments to God. Get over yourself. It may not be your style or cup of tea, but Christ IS being lifted up.

  5. Steven Furtick preaches about himself. He allegorizes and pulls Scripture out of context. This is not about style, it is about content. It is my observation that the only one who is exalted through Steven Furtick's preaching is Steven Furtick. And no one can come to Christ through such narcissistic "evangelism."