26 August 2011

What is at Risk?

"This is a day when pluralism is popular. However, although everyone may have the right to his own opinion, it does not follow that every opinion is right. To some it will appear terribly intolerant even to speak of "false" prophets; yet that is Jesus' designation of would-be spokesmen for God who do not teach what Jesus himself teaches. 'Watch out for false prophets,' he says; 'by their fruit you will recognize them.' The kingdom of God is the issue. Failure to heed Jesus' warning means that the threat of judgment looming over the heads of the false teachers becomes a threat to others as well. Not only their destiny, but ours, yours and mine, are at risk, if we fail to identify and avoid the false prophets." - D.A. Carson, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World, page 137.

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