12 August 2011

This 'n' That

I've decided to rebel. It's Casual Friday and I'm going to wear flip-flops even though they're technically verboten. With all of the atrocious liberties taken each week by my coworkers with their own wardrobes, I figure my flip-flops will be the least of the office's worries. (And I keep a pair of "acceptable" shoes at my desk at all times.) I know, I truly live on the edge. But anyway, here's your week in review (kind of):

  • A new electronic skin tattoo has been developed. No, I don't believe this is the "mark of the beast" (especially since it only stays in place a few hours), but it is interesting how incredibly capable we are of developing such a thing!
    • The pope says that we need silence to hear God speak. Yeah, because if God was really speaking audibly to people, I'm sure He'd never be able to raise His voice above the sound of a lawnmower. I wonder if the pope has a Bible? If only he'd open that, he'd see that God has already spoken!
    • Some guy in Chicago decided that Bert and Ernie (you know, the puppets from Sesame Street) should get married. Really? Do people really have this much free time? Sounds like the folks down on Sesame Street won't be giving into the pressure yet, though. That's okay, PBS has already done enough damage to our children.

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    1. The whole idea that we need to be silent in order to hear from God is getting really old since it has no basis in the Bible. It is unfortunate that many Christians that claim to be Protestant are doing exactly what the Pope is describing. That should tell us something about the state of the Christian church today, if Protestant churches are promoting the same mystical practices as the Roman Catholic Church.


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