28 August 2011

A Reversal of Today's Reformed Revival? John MacArthur Weighs In

These brief videos are well worth 10 minutes of your time. John MacArthur speaks out against those in the YRR (Young, Restless, and Reformed) crowd who think that "just because they affirm the doctrine of substitution, they get a 'free pass' on everything else."

HT: Apprising Ministries


  1. This is so excellent and he is such an exceptional pastor and preacher. Just so steadfast on truth. How I wish I could attend his church. Wonder what he would have to say about Steven Furtick.

  2. Anonymous,

    I too would love to hear MacArthur's comments on Steven Furtick. Although, I suspect we can speculate on what he might say! I have had the opportunity to visit MacArthur's church and trust me, it is difficult to leave! If you ever have the chance to visit, don't pass it up! I also wish I could attend regularly. However, I pray even more that God would raise up more men like him who are dedicated to the clear preaching of the Word of God.

  3. I have been trying to follow the YRR debate, but it is frustrating for me when no one names names and gives examples. Who are the YRR? In what ways are they incorporating Arminianism? What exactly is wrong with R rated movies? (I'm looking for specifics here.) I have only been attending a reformed church (URC) for a couple of years now, and just when I think I'm gaining in understanding, I read something like this that just confuses me.

    I'm not trying to be polemic; rather, I am seeking understanding. Many thanks.

  4. I agree with Michael. But at least Macarthur did name a few names. (piper/warren) and the condemnation of flat screen pastors implicates quite a few of them.

    Michael you might like to read his 2009 articles (4 parts) on the gty blog, entitled "The Rape of Solomon's song" about his critique of Mark Driscoll's treatment of the Song. It is EXCELLENT. in it he also questions Piper and Mahaney for trying to help Driscoll along.

  5. btw Michael, just keep watching. there are a million small puzzle pieces to put together and the job really never ends. You learn discernment as you go. Keep asking questions, comparing with Scripture.

    It's never easy even if they do name names (which I agree should be done more as it would help people get up to speed and to connect the dots faster). It won't erase all the trouble though because you will always come up against more false teachers whose names are new to you. But I know it is frustrating to have it spoken of in such general terms.

  6. Concerning Furtick, during a Q&A at the Shepherd's Conference last year John was asked for one-word responses to several subjects. When the subject was "Steven Furtick" his response was "unqualified". Well spoken.


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