10 August 2011

One Week Only!

Have you ever wanted a play-by-play of how Elevation Church began? Yeah, neither did I. But they made a documentary anyway, and it is very telling. It's all about Steven Furtick, I mean, Elevation Church, and how Furtick's alleged God-given "vision" became a reality. Turns out the decision to start the "church" in Charlotte was made inside the men's restroom at Joe's Crab Shack.

The "core team" studied books like The Purpose Driven Church and was inspired by baptism videos from Willow Creek. No wonder Ken Silva refers to Furtick as one of the "Purpose-Driven Popes of the Carolinas" (Perry Noble being the other man to hold that title). And, big surprise, Jesus and God don't get very many cameos in this documentary. Seems to me like they credit their first big burst of growth to the "Elevation Easter Egg drop." Ah, yes, the egg drop. As I recall, that's exactly how Peter and the disciples got all those people to show up at Pentecost. Wait...no, never mind.

So, if you have some time, click on over to this site to watch this documentary. It's called "This is How We Change the World," and it's only available for one week online for free. After that I guess we'll have to pay for it.

Is Harvest Bible Chapel Being Fed to the Wolves?
Steven Furtick to Preach at Harvest Bible Chapel


  1. I am going to watch it and perhaps write a post about it. Christians need to know that they are not obligated in any way to support any "visions" that their pastor has, but are only called to obey what God has commanded them in His word. Such pastors are overstepping their authority and it reminds me of how the whole Roman Catholic Church got started. The RCC began when one bishop began to be seen as the ultimate authority by other pastors and Christians. Over time the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, claimed infallibility. I think pastors like Steven Furtick are power hungry and they are acting like Protestant popes, especially since other pastors are looking up to him and learning from him.

  2. Good words, Committed Christian. Time permitting, I would like to watch this documentary again and write more about it. Unfortunately it's a busy week of schoolwork for me, so I can't make any promises! For now, I wanted to get it out there for others to see, especially as Furtick continues to weasel his way into more conservative circles.


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