29 July 2011

This 'n' That

Well, it's Friday again. The last one in July, in fact, which is completely bizarre to me! As a kid, I used to think summer went by so fast. Then I grew up and realized that, from the inside of an office building, it doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter. The only difference is that in the summer I need a coat for while I'm inside my office. What is completely phenomenal and awesome to me, however, is that Jesus Christ is the same today as He was when I was 6 years old, spending my summers in the front lawn sliding down the Slip 'n Slide. He is not fickle like the weather (I've lost count of how many severe storms we've had this month), nor does He change with the seasons. He is immutable and He is in control of every bolt of lightning and every falling leaf. Wow. What an amazing God we serve!

But enough of my random morning thoughts...here's your week in review (kind of):

  • Surely we all knew that the passing of New York's gay marriage bill would continue to snowball this country deeper and deeper into depravity. Here is one example of what happens when marriage begins to be redefined. Today, legalizing polygamy, perhaps tomorrow you can marry your dog.
  • Tony Blair continues to push his interfaith agenda. Let's not forget Blair's link with "evangelical" leaders such as Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and Nicky Gumbel. Gee, I wonder if they support interfaith efforts, too?
  • McDonald's will soon be adding apples and decreasing the amount of fries included in every Happy Meal, and the childhood obesity avenger herself, the First Lady, is applauding the effort. Honestly, I wish she'd keep her fingers out of my french fries, especially since she has her own 1,700 calorie meals to consume.

The kind of worship God desires:

HT: The End Time


  1. Hello EBenz,
    I'm referring to your John Stott comment-
    I understand that it is not good to adhere to nor promote annihilationism, but I read the Lausanne Covenant Stott wrote and would like to know more about you believe it's unfortunate to be involved with it.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I have no technical issue with the wording of the Lausanne Covenant itself but, like we see with many churches that boast a legitimate-sounding "doctrinal statement" yet teach poor theology from the pulpit, I fear that the Lausanne Congress has more to it "behind the scenes." Their focus on a social gospel is most definitely a concern, as is the inclusion of women "pastors" on their leadership board (as well as the inclusion of leaders such as Rick Warren). It smells to me as though it's just a few short hops from all-out ecumenicism, although I admit at this point that is merely a personal "hunch."

    While the language in the covenant sounds good, it nevertheless appears to allow for too many loopholes. For example, the covenant flatly rejects syncretism of any kind, yet individuals involved in Lausanne have created this video (http://www.jesusinthequran.org/video-muslim-followers-of-christ/) wherein two men claim to have "accepted Jesus" yet remain Muslim. Well, which is it? This is a blatant example of syncretism, yet is endorsed by those within Lausanne. Like I said, something just doesn't sit right...

    However, I do need to make clear that I in no way intend to diminish Stott's contributions to the faith. We can indeed continue to learn much today from his writings.

  3. Thank you for helping me understand! I hadn't heard of Stott until he had died. With the news of his death, I searched for him and have been listening to several of his recent sermons. I enjoy them.


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