22 July 2011

This 'n' That

You probably noticed that I've been quiet this week. By and large I've been "out of the loop" the past few days and it has been...wonderful. More on that in a few days (maybe). Nevertheless, here's your abbreviated week in review (kind of):

Jesus has chosen Wal-Mart as His big-box store of choice. I don't know what this means for those of us who shop at Target.

Campus Crusade for Christ is changing it's name...to "Cru." Yeah, Cru. I don't get it. They claim the original name was a hindrance for sharing the Gospel...but they are adamant that it wasn't because of the inclusion of "Christ," but rather "crusade" and "campus." In fact, the FAQ on the Cru website includes multiple questions regarding concerns over the removal of "Christ" from their name. Personally, I think there are bigger concerns that we can raise over "Cru," but that's for another time.

Are there still apostles today? (Hint: Nope)

I'll believe this when I see it...or don't see it. Apparently airports are going to do away with the "revealing" body scanning software so that it will only reveal a body outline and highlight any suspicious anomalies.

It's here! The Biggest Question has arrived! Order lots and hand 'em out like candy!

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