15 July 2011

This 'n' That

I don't know about the rest of you, but it's been a week of Mondays for me. It is most definitely time for the weekend! So here's your week in review (kind of):

DiscernIt blog has posted a review of The Alpha Course as written by Way of Life ministry. As some of you know, it was my concerns about the Alpha Course that were the original inspiration for this blog. You can access my research on the Alpha Course here.

Stephen Altrogge explains that being radical for Jesus is actually boring. (And all of God's people said...thank goodness)!

Dan Philips ponders Western civilization's definition of "love," as opposed to God's. This is a quick read, but a good one!

Those of you who follow the ministry of Grace Community Church are probably familiar with Pastor Rick Holland. In this blog post, he expresses his great sadness upon leaving the campus of GCC for the last time. We should be excited for Holland, though, as he moves to Kansas City to serve the Lord as senior pastor of Mission Road Bible Church!

Our president has greater patience than that great biblical character, Job. At least, according to Nancy Pelosi.

The PCUSA has voted to ordain openly gay clergy. Well, there's a shocker. I'm surprised it took them this long! Did you feel that shudder? I think it was John Calvin spinning in his grave.

Pastor Ken Silva reminds us that "good" experiences aren't necessarily from God.

Well, it's official: California has become the first state to require that lessons about "gay history" be added to social studies classes. As if social studies wasn't already a painful subject!

Lately, some "relevant" churches have jumped on the "flash mob" bandwagon, and have failed miserably. Not only is their choreography and execution horrible, but their "dance moves" are completely inappropriate for supposed Christians, as is the music they are dancing to. This example of a "flash eucharist" trumps them all, however. This is utterly blasphemous.

The most horrific, tragic, terrible story I've heard in a long time.

It's okay to kill babies and toss their bodies in a dumpster without a second thought, but please don't kill the geese! And if you do, please hold a memorial service in their honor.

A "childhood obesity expert" thinks you should lose custody of your kids if they're overweight.

Phil Johnson shares his testimony.

Here's a tearjerker: a marriage proposal that's not only sweet, but theological! Imagine that! Congratulations to Adrian of the Wretched Radio gang!

The marching orders for a backslidden church:

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