24 June 2011

This 'n' That

Work conflicts kept me "out of the loop" at the beginning of the week, but I still managed to come across some interesting news. Here's your week in review (kind of):

The Resolved Conference will be streaming live this weekend. Sure, it's for "students," but with men like Rick Holland, John MacArthur, and Steve Lawson preaching, I think all of us can learn a few things!

If you ever hit a lull in a conversation, just bring up the TSA. They always seem to give us something to talk about. Turns out their molestations "pat-downs" are no longer limited just to airports. And you know that evil, dangerous nail file that they confiscated from you? Well, it's probably being sold at a government surplus store, which is where many of the items TSA steals from passengers are winding up. Maybe I can finally get back those small, blunt manicuring scissors they stole from me in 2002. Yes, I admit it, I still hold a grudge.

Have you heard about Cisco's discrimination against Frank Turek? The Christian writer and apologist, who also served as a consultant and presenter for Cisco, was fired simply because someone "Googled" his name and discovered that Turek is opposed to gay marriage. The topic was never discussed in the business setting and yet Turek was fired the same day that the report was made to HR. Get the background here, as well as follow-up articles here and here. Persecution is coming. Are you ready? Are you willing?

Over at the Sola Sisters blog, Christine Pack has written a two-part post and update about Bob DeWaay. I hope you're continuing to pray for DeWaay and his family. I still consider his articles to be a wonderful and reliable resource and would continue to recommend them to anyone. Here is Part 1 of Christine's article and Part 2.

Answers in Genesis has two free downloads available on their website. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet, but I can say with a lot of certainty that they're probably great. Download "Already Gone" here, and "Six Days and the Eisegesis Problem" here. And thanks to Purpose Drivel for the heads up.

Grace to You has 20% off most of their items. Sale ends June 26, so hurry!

As you may have heard, 89 year-old false prophet Harold Camping suffered a stroke on June 9. Now, one month after his failed rapture prediction, he sits in a nursing home undergoing rehabilitation. I'm not of the crowd that thinks this stroke was God's judgment on Harold Camping, and I would advise running from any person who definitively asserts such a thing. Perhaps God will use this to get his attention, but let's face it, the guy is 89. Minor strokes happen. We ought to continue to pray for Camping's repentance.

Speaking of Harold Camping, Family Radio is really digging in their heels to affirm that they weren't entirely wrong about May 21. I hope that you're saved because, according to them, it's too late now.

To quote the words of the blog post I am about to link to, "This annoying little book is not going away." Since undiscerning "Christians" continue to shove their money into the pockets of Todd Burpo and his celestial son, The Cripplegate has written another unfortunately necessary article about the ridiculous nature of the book Heaven is For Real. And I couldn't have titled his article better myself: "Heaven is for Real...Well Duh."

Did you hear about the woman in Texas who was found guilty, fined, given 5 years probation, and had her children removed from her custody because she spanked her child? The discipline resulted in no bruising, bleeding or injuries, but this woman has still ultimately been labeled a child abuser. In this article, Denny Burk briefly examines the biblical basis for spanking our children.

If you live in Chicago, you may want to consider taking a vacation next May.

Communist China in Idaho? Well, China certainly owns enough of the US to follow through with their desire and plan to build self-sustaining cities within the United States. Looks like the first will be located just south of Boise. 

Alistair Begg talks about the dangers of external religion:

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