25 April 2011

Pray For...

Please continue to pray for persecuted Christians in China. And when I say Christians, I am (largely) referring to those who are a part of the unregistered church, because these are those who are persecuted by the government. I hear often how wonderful it is that the Chinese government is now accepting of Christianity, but the truth is, it is only accepting of those who belong to the registered church. Because if you want to follow Jesus, you need to register with the government first...? That caveat must be in a lost book of the New Testament.

I suspect, though I obviously cannot speak from experience, that the registered church in China is failing to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. If they were not, then it would make far more sense for these persecuted Christians to simply attend one of the government churches. Yet they insist on continuing to meet on their own, at the risk of arrest and who knows what else. A recent AFP report states:

Chinese Christians held at Easter service: church
(AFP) – 1 day ago
BEIJING — Up to 30 members of a Chinese evangelical church were arrested on Sunday for trying to hold an Easter service in defiance of the officially atheist government, a member of the clergy said.
A large number of police began to gather early Sunday in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing where the Shouwang Church had said it would hold an outdoor service to mark the holiest day of the Christian calendar.
"Between 20 and 30 followers were taken away by police," senior pastor Jin Tianming told AFP by telephone from his home, where he is under house arrest. He said there were several police officers posted outside the building.
He added that the members of the congregation who were arrested had been taken to different police stations and that none had so far been released.
Jin had said before the planned gathering that the church considered Easter an important occasion and would stick to its decision to hold a service.
"This is our uncompromising position and a matter of faith. If they arrest our followers, this is the price we are willing to pay," he had said. (emphasis mine)
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I wonder how many "evangelicals" in America would take such a courageous and bold stance if faced with the same persecution? I fear that most would instead opt for whatever compromise was necessary, and would do so in the name of "Christian unity" and with a desire to be "unoffensive."

For myself, I pray that God would help me to be as faithful and trusting as my persecuted brethren in China. But until that time arrives for us here in America, let us pray diligently for these men and women who so faithfully lean on the strength of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I've been to communist China twice and once in worked with the house church. It was better for awhile but recently as yesterday a group of believers in several cities were put under house arrest for having Easter services outdoors. The big cities tolerate more but those inside China more are still persecuting believers more then we would imagine....I know, I met with many inside China....Bravest people I ever met and in many cases despite the persecution, the happiest and most loving toward their tormentors.Some pray for the salvation of those who tortured them while in prison.

  2. In the past decade or so,a number of the govt. churches do have saved pastors who preach the word. The people demanded it by instead of putting in an offering they'd put in a slip of paper exposing the church 's false message. Still the house church people do not trust the registered church, rightfully so, because they do not know what might be a good one or a communist one.. I was in both and it was an unique experience. The one we visited questioned us as to who we were , why we were there but the choir was great...About 3000 was in the registered church....The house churches were precious and I had the privileged of sharing in one starting about midnight one night.Three of us preached for about four hours. They wondered why we quit so soon.


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