01 April 2011

Pray For...

Please pray for a group of individuals who will be boldly sharing the Gospel this morning outside of an event for "Braco the Miracle Gazer." Below is the flyer. You'll notice some interesting things like, "Pregnant women should not attend past the first trimester," and, "It is recommended that you bring a photo of anyone who cannot attend. The power of Braco's gaze can equally reach people through photos, and the same level of healing & transformation can occur via this method."

See, the "miracle" of Braco is that he just stands there and stares at crowds of people. That's it. No words, no movement, no nothing. And people think this is healing. Check out the video below for a little taste of what people are falling for, and then please pray that these Christians outside of the event will be bold and received as they share about the only true healer, Jesus Christ!

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for you prayers! It was interesting. Sad, but interesting.
    When the first session was over, the people existed via a west-facing door - turned the corner, and re-entered the north-facing door. It didn't work the first time???? These were professing Christians who didn't think there was anything wrong with what they were doing. In fact, they thought God was in the midst even though Mr. B heals in the name of the Source of all mankind. Is God now too shy to get the glory? The sickest thing was people bringing stuffed animals and wearing pictures of their loved ones so they can be healed without attending, I suppose. Oh, and they only take cash. This is craziness!
    Keep speaking up and keep looking up!


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