14 April 2011

3D Easter?

I'm not sure I even want to know where Steven Furtick is going with this:
 3D Easter? Really? Does the resurrection of Jesus Christ need that much help to become cool and relevant? What's even more disappointing is that supposedly conservative pastors like James MacDonald are endorsing Furtick.

Christians, you truly do need to be discerning of everything and everyone! Test everything you hear against Scripture...God's Word is the only thing upon which we can firmly stand!

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  1. i attend harvest rolling meadows. i am very concerned about the direction of this church. james called a major meeting of all the men to talk about the elephant room. he says he is being slandered. i sensed something not right the day i walked in the door to this church. i pray it will get back on the right path. james appears to be put on a very tall pedestal. i have issue with the arrogance and the pressuring of the people to pledge this year, a very arrogent and bullying message that day. i do get alot of good from jame though, i just see him being pulled in the wrong direction by wolves in sheep clothing. not sure if i will leave harvest or not, my wife loves the church and james, "he is the only one that preaches true biblical teaching" per my wife.


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