12 March 2011


Printing a blog post can be maddening and paper consuming. You hit print and next thing you know you have 20 pages coming out, what with the header and the sidebars. Since we are incredibly environmentally conscious here at Do Not Be Surprised, it is our goal to help you conserve printer ink and paper (in case you're wondering, yes, you should have read that with a large dose of sarcasm). So this morning I added some code to this blog to change this printing problem. If you now choose to print the page, it should print only the content of the blog posts, not the sidebar and headers. And if you are viewing an individual entry (not the home page that displays multiple posts), then you will see  a "Print this Page" button (see example below) at the bottom of the post that will allow you to print the post and any comments that may be available. I hope this helps make this blog more user-friendly!


  1. Wow, you are a regular geek! I always solve the problem of printing blogs by cutting and pasting the article and then putting the link at the bottom so I know where it came from.

  2. Haha, thanks Glenn! We can probably thank my propensity to procrastinate--I had a choice between working on the HTML and CSS code, doing my taxes, or finishing a paper for school. The good news is I ended up fixing the code AND finishing my paper. No comment on the taxes...


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