11 March 2011

Obligatory Rob Bell Update

In case you haven't been keeping up with the Rob Bell Love Wins debacle, I'll try to summarize. Several people have obtained a copy of the book and have provided reviews. Their conclusions are no suprise: Rob Bell's book does indeed present an unbiblical view of Hell, reconciliation, justification and ultimately, salvation. Bell, it seems, is embracing a form of universalism called universal reconciliation (for a good explanation of universal reconciliation, see the link below to the article at Sola Sisters).

Having not read the book myself, it really  isn't my place to state much further in the way of either facts or speculation. What I will say, as I have said before, is that this is not a surprise. It's not like Bell has been preaching sound doctrine and faithfully expositing the Scriptures week after week on the stage at Mars Hill Church. It is not as if he has never before made any similar statements that implied some sort of doctrine of universal reconciliation. Quite honestly, I am shocked that Christians are just now getting their ire up over Rob Bell. If we had been paying attention earlier, rather than being impressed by his smooth talk and groovy glasses, this wouldn't be happening. If Christians had been discerning from the start, Bell wouldn't be the dangerous threat that he is now because he wouldn't have been allowed to gain the influence that he has! But instead we sat back and let the poisonous lie of "relevance" infiltrate our youth groups and now here we are. Bell is like the Pied Piper of youth groups and he's leading the lemmings off of a cliff. Sometimes we can't just sit back and blame the wolves, because we, in our selective ignorance, have practically rolled out the welcome mat for them. Don't wait for people to be discerning for you. Get in God's Word and pray that He would grow and strengthen your own discernment.


Love Wins: A Review of Rob Bell's New Book (Tim Challies)
Rob Bell's New Book: Don't Call it Universalism (Sola Sisters)
Wretched Radio Interview with Tim Challies

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