06 February 2011

Sunday Morning Praise - Narcissistic Edition

This song was playing on the "Christian" radio station when I woke up this morning. As I laid there and listened to Bruce Carroll sing about himself and how someone (the song doesn't mention who) filled the hole in his heart I thought that today, instead of praising the God of the universe and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, perhaps my readers would rather hear a song that's all about them. Thank goodness someone was good enough, then, to place this video on YouTube so that I could share with you! Don't worry, Jesus and God don't make an appearance in this song at all, so if you'd rather sing this song to your spouse, or even your dog, have at it.


  1. You gave me a good chuckle. There are so many modern "Christian" songs just like this, sad to say.

  2. It is sad! And it is these types of songs that prevail on so-called "Christian" radio. Oh well, either laugh or cry I guess!


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