26 February 2011

Rob Bell's Universalism

Most of us have safely assumed for quite awhile that Rob Bell adheres to a form of so-called "Christian" universalism. The promo video for his new book, Love Wins (below), seems to be teasing us to learn more about that same heresy. Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries comments further:
[W]e are seeing within mainstream evangelicalism a reimagined version of just about every piece of antibiblical theology i.e. doctrines of demons that seducing spirits have ever attempted to bring with them as they slither into the Christian Church. One that is being openly promoted now is so-called Christian Universalism.
Read the rest of Ken's article here

LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo.
This is a dangerous message. Why? Because it sounds so good. It sounds warm and friendly and logical to our fallen, depraved, now brainwashed postmodern minds. The scariest thing is that your kids, your youth groups, are eating this stuff up. Do you know what your children are learning on Sunday nights as they gather for "youth group" in the church auditorium? You might want to make sure you know exactly what is being taught there. Just because it's "keeping them out of trouble" doesn't mean it's any less detrimental to their soul.

Rob Bell On His Practice of "Militant Mysticism" (you'll want to read this one!)


  1. Was Matthew 7:13-23 removed from Rob's Bible?

  2. Wow...sounds like he's finally taking off what little bit of sheep's clothing he had left.

  3. Beth, the problem with Rob Bell is that he holds the Bible in extremely low regard. To a postmodern like Bell, Biblical interpretation is constantly evolving and changing with the time and culture. So just because God may have meant one thing when He wrote Matthew 7 doesn't mean, in Bell's estimation, that it means the same thing today. One more example of the dangers of adhering to a low view of Scripture. Your doctrine has nowhere to go but down.

    Anonymous, oh yes you are right! It seems to me that it was fairly obvious for years that Bell was a false teacher. Nevertheless, he clearly had many people fooled in spite of his constant hints at Universalism and his perpetuation of a social gospel of works-righteousness. If nothing else, this incident has served to wake up the few who were still sleeping with Bell blinders on, as they are now finally stepping up and calling him out on his heresy.


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