28 February 2011

More Thoughts on Rob Bell's Thoughts on Hell

Don't worry, I'm not going to wax eloquent for another blog post about Rob Bell and his new video trailer for his upcoming book, Love Wins. I am not surprised in the least by the apparent underlying Universalism touted by Bell. One needs only to listen to one of his sermons or visit his church website and read their "Narrative Theology" to see that he seemingly believes that, in the end, all will be saved and Hell will be empty. What I want to do here is to link you to some other pertinent responses to Bell's video and upcoming book. Don't trust my opinion, but please take what these men say into consideration. Parents, you especially need to be concerned about this issue, because Rob Bell and his videos are lauded in youth groups across the country. Trust me, I have seen it and it is terrifying to think that this man's aberrant theology is influencing our teenagers and children.

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