27 February 2011

Is John Piper Desiring More "Purpose?"

Last year, seemingly conservative, reformed pastor John Piper shocked many by naming Rick Warren as the keynote speaker for his 2010 Desiring God Conference. Along with the invitation, Piper deemed Warren to be "doctrinally sound" and "not Emergent" which I addressed in this article. Well, apparently Piper has decided to continue to ignore the concern and prayers of so many. It has been announced that the 2011 Desiring God Conference will be held at Saddleback Church.

As I've said in the past, I'm not really a fan of John Piper, but I know that there are many, especially in the more reformed circles, who for years have looked up to Piper, his teaching, and his writing. He has the standing endorsement of many conservative evangelical leaders. With this most recent announcement, then, I think it is our duty to continue to pray for Piper, and to encourage him to rethink this decision.

I don't need to tell you again of the countless dangerous false teachings that have been introduced into the church by false teacher Rick Warren. I don't need to remind you of the dangers of his latest Daniel Plan endeavor. On March 6, Warren will be honoring Roman-Catholic globalist Tony Blair at his church, and Warren himself, with his PEACE plan, is actively involved in the movement toward a one-world religion. Piper's decision to align once again with Rick Warren is not merely a move of poor judgment, it is a deep blow to his credibility and it is, in essence, a spiritual betrayal to those who have so trustingly looked to Piper for teaching. Has the desire to gain popularity through this alliance with "America's Pastor" blinded Piper's ability to discern and judge rightly? Since we are not in a position to know Piper's motives, let us simply pray that the light would shine in his life and reveal the dangers of this grossly erroneous decision.

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