24 January 2011

Youth Specialties Showcases "The Almighty Bible"

Remember the Almighty Bible, the latest relevant product designed to make the Bible "cool" and "exciting" for kids? Well, today it was announced that this awesome new product would be showcased at the Youth Specialties Palooza Event. The press release reads in part:
The Almighty Bible to Exhibit at YS Palooza Events
ORLANDO, Jan. 24, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- For over 40 years, Youth Specialties has placed themselves at the forefront of youth ministry training. Annually they serve over 100,000 youth workers worldwide in nearly all denominations. In 2011, they launched a new training series for youth workers called YS Palooza. These two day events are packed full of all kinds of training from top youth ministry experts will help to inspire and grow your ministry.
The Almighty Bible is an acclaimed new and traditional media Bible project that aims to connect today's youth with the Bible through graphic novels, tablet/phone apps and a virtual world. Kids today are spending an average of 7.38hrs/day using entertainment media and far less time reading books. The Almighty Bible's mission is to make the Bible as accessible and engaging as possible for kids, tweens and young teens today. "We feel it is only natural to present God's word in this format and we are extremely excited to team up with an organization that has such a passion for the next generation of Christians," says Dong Chung, Executive Producer of the Almighty Bible.
Read the entire press release here
The article will go on to quote Chap Clark, Vice Provost at Fuller Seminary (one of today's most liberal pseudo-Christian institutions), and a member of the advisory board for the Almighty Bible. In my mind, knowing that someone so influential at Fuller Seminary had a hand in developing this product makes it even more questionable than it was already.

But what really caught my attention was the fact that Youth Specialties would, in essence, be promoting this new, invigorating product. Why should this be of concern? Because Youth Specialties has been, almost from its beginnings, involved in the Emergent and New Age movements.
"For the past several years, Youth Specialties, a youth-oriented organization, has hosted an annual event called the National Pastors Convention. Each year the event brings in many contemplative speakers such as Richard Foster, Brennan Manning, Ruth Haley Barton, and others. Available to the convention attendees are an on-site labyrinth, late-night contemplative prayer sessions, and workshops on contemplative prayer, emerging church, and yoga. In 2004, [Rick] Warren was a featured speaker at this event and in fact spoke right after a yoga workshop." (Ray Yungen, A Time of Departing, 160).
Yungen's book explores several additional proofs that Youth Specialties is not just involved in contemplative practices, but is a driving force behind the promotion of these dangerous "disciplines" in the lives of today's youth. For more information, I highly suggest that you read Yungen's book, A Time of Departing.

If Youth Specialties has given it's blessing to the Almighty Bible, then one must wonder why. This is where our antenna should be raised and we should begin to flex some discernment muscle. Now, it is entirely possible that the Almighty Bible is perfectly orthodox, but so far the evidence is not working in its favor! Just because it's flashy and eye-catching and says it's a Bible doesn't mean a thing. Before you hand this thing over to your kids and download all the "apps," check it out for yourself and test it against actual Scripture. Be a good Berean, Christian.

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