11 January 2011

Who Says the Bible Can't be Cool for Kids?

Do your children find God's Word to be dull, lifeless, and bland? Well, your troubles are over! Now your kids will want to read the Bible because someone has finally made it "cool!" Christian Newswire reports:
MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- It's David vs. Goliath as The Almighty Bible sets out to compete with huge secular brands in a way that is equally entertaining yet shares a faith-based message.

The Almighty Bible (thealmightybible.com) is here to make the Bible exciting for a new generation of kids and young teens. Young people today are brought up in a visual world where video games, iPhones and graphic novels are the preferred means of entertainment. The team behind the Almighty Bible has decided to use these natural tendencies rather than fight them.
"For years, content based on the Bible has been the domain of ministries and faith based groups that in general have not delivered the best content for the kids." - says Kevin O'Donnell, project producer and creator of the multiple Emmy nominated series Liberty's Kids (PBS). "There have been exceptions however, such as 'The Prince of Egypt' that have shown that when the content is exciting and well done, kids will flock to it." The co-producer of the project, Dong Chung shares the same sentiments. "I was involved with Focus on the Family, producing a special episode of 'Adventures in Odyssey' that made it clear to me that faith based quality programming could be creatively and commercially successful."
Emphasis is mine. Read the entire press release here
I'm thrilled that someone has finally taken the Bible and made it relevant and exciting for children. I was hoping that, one day, someone would work up the courage to tell God that He didn't write an exhilarating enough book. The Almighty Bible is sure to rewrite God's perfect, holy Word in a way that will appeal to a new generation of sinful, worldly, fleshly-minded children. Thank goodness someone (other than Eugene Peterson) has at last taken the Bible and twisted and molded it to fit perfectly into an unregenerate, unrepentant, depraved culture! My, we certainly do live in progressive, exciting times, don't we?

Sarcasm aside, this latest culture-driven marketing endeavor is a perfect representation of what is wrong in the visible church today. "Christians" are so influenced by the world that they spend more time transforming their "Christianity" to look like today's culture, when true Christianity should be the one doing the influencing! The majority of the visible church today is apostate, that is, they have defected from the true Gospel. A quick glance at The Almighty Bible's Endorsement page reveals that current and former leaders of Youth Specialties are endorsing this work. If you're not aware, Youth Specialties has been promoting the extremely dangerous Contemplative Spirituality movement for some time (see Lighthouse Trails Research for more on this).

I wonder if Timothy's mother and grandmother rewrote the ancient Scriptures in order to make them more exciting to young Timothy? Or did they teach him the truth as God wrote it? Scripture tells us they possessed a "sincere faith," which surely means that Scripture was the ultimate transforming factor in their lives, not the pagan culture surrounding them. But then, should we be surprised at this latest display of relevancy? Not at all. I suppose we could best use our time in prayer and praise, for this surely reminds us that the days of itching ears are here, and Jesus is coming again!

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  1. Amen! Anyone who doesn't think the original, first release isn't riveting hasn't read it and the Holy Spirit is not in them. Thank you for a compelling yet entertaining article.


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