06 January 2011

Patricia King Wants You to Have Visions of Jesus

From the Slaughter of the Sheep blog:

Patricia King: Visions of Jesus

Patricia King begins this video by saying, “Have you ever had a vision of Jesus?  Would you like to?”
When she said that, I thought, “Why, sure Patricia, tell me how!”
In this video, Patricia King instructs you on how to enhance “the seer anointing” so that you can see Jesus visually by reading key Scriptures in the Bible (regardless of context), and meditating on them.
This brings a couple of points to mind:

  1. None of this is Scriptural, nor will you find it in the Bible, and
  2. Same as number 1 above.
If it sounds like King is using the Bible for channeling, that’s because she is.  That’s exactly what she’s doing.
Oh, by the way, Patricia King uses this opportunity to shill a book she wrote called, “Eyes that See,” and you can get that at her bookstore online.
Remember…there’s always a bottom line.
Read God’s Word literally, learn it, and walk in it.  It wasn’t written and delivered to us on the blood of the prophets and apostles just so we can use it to channel false and demonic spirits… READ IT!
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