13 January 2011

To Where Will Rick Warren's "Decade of Destiny" Destine People: Heaven, or Hell?

Surely you've heard by now about Rick Warren's latest scheme to kick off his "Decade of Destiny" with a 52-week health plan that he is calling "The Daniel Plan." Warren has brought in 3 doctors, all proponents of eastern meditation, to design this plan "exclusively for Saddleback." Lighthouse Trails Research has a detailed report:
Near the end of 2010, Rick Warren announced that Saddleback Church would be entering “a Decade of Destiny.” He told his congregation that they would be focusing on several key areas, one of them being “health and wellness.” The “Daniel Challenge” or the “Daniel Plan” is Saddleback’s new health “initiative.”  On Saddleback’s website, it states: 
 Gods’ Prescription For Your Health
 Be a part of this transformational debut to be a healthier you!
The kick-off event is next weekend, January 15. We’ll hear from world-renowned doctors on a plan to get healthy and stay that way in the new decade.
Who are the “world-renowned doctors” that will be helping to kick off Saddleback’s Decade of Destiny? Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hyman. The video on the website states that this program has been “Exclusively Designed for Saddleback Church by Three of the Leading Health Specialists in America."
Let us get right to the point: The three doctors who have put together a 52-week health program for Saddleback congregants are absolute advocates and proponents of not just eastern-style meditation but actual eastern meditation and much much more as this article will reveal. Right off, let us say that if you are thinking perhaps that these doctors will only advise Saddleback on legitimate health advice (exercise, healthy eating, etc.) take a look at this video (taken place at Saddleback) between Rick Warren and Dr. Daniel Amen. Amen intends to help Saddleback participants to have good “brain health,” which he firmly believes comes from meditation. In this video, he openly discusses meditation with Rick Warren.
What are the spiritual underpinnings of the meditation these three doctors are propagating? This report will lay it out for you.
Please read the entire report here.

If you read the entire Lighthouse Trails report, then you realize just how dangerous Warren's "Daniel Plan" will likely be. This goes beyond "just" twisting a little Scripture. Rick Warren is continuing to lead his flock, which includes not just regular attendees of Saddleback Church, but millions around the globe, straight down the wide path to Hell. Mr. Warren, I, with many others, beg you to repent of your false teaching and return to the true Gospel which I believe you know, yet have willingly cast aside.

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