03 December 2010

The Christmas "Myth"

By now, most of you have seen this billboard and heard the story behind it. An atheist organization has erected this billboard in opposition to the true meaning of Christmas...Jesus Christ. Realistically, things like this shouldn't get us all in a tizzy. Come on, what do you expect from atheists? Would you feel better if they falsely gave acknowledgment to Christ? I wouldn't.

Have you noticed, however, that atheists, muslims, hindus, and all others who don't celebrate Christmas for its true reason, while always ready to attack the Christian faith, are also eager and willing to sit at home on the company offered holiday at Christmas? This irritates me. Why the double standard? If you're so anti-Christmas, then as far as I'm concerned you should be sitting in your cubicle or office on Christmas day (well, 2010 may be a bad example, since Christmas is on a Saturday, but you get my point). If the "myth" of Christmas is so upsetting to you, then shouldn't you take a stand and show your anti-Christmas (and anti-Christian) sentiment in every way possible? Of course, this will never happen, at least not until America stops recognizing Christmas nationally, which I'm sure is an occurrence that is right around the corner. Until then, I'm staying home with my family on Christmas and worshiping my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And you, my atheist friend, should go to work and spend the day worshiping your god, which is probably either money or yourself, or both.

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