06 December 2010

Aiming Our Lives at His Glory

Convicting words from Pastor John MacArthur:
If you're charting your own course, and if you're saying, Lord, here's what I'll do and here's what I won't do, if you're saying, Lord I got it all outlined here, if you're not willing to pay the price of a little bit of embarrassment, if you're not willing to pay the price in humility of being defamed and dishonored by the world, if you're not willing to pay the price of a little less possessions in this life, then maybe you'll never know what it is to be content with His will at any price, and maybe you'll never really know what it is to grow spiritually because you'll not be aiming at His glory. It's when you are consumed with His glory and not your own comfort and not your own ease and not your own plans and your own will. So, if I am then to aim my life at His glory no matter what it is from eating and drinking to dying, it means I have to be content with that will no matter what it costs me.
Excerpted from a sermon entitled Confessing Jesus as Lord and Glorifying God.
It's very easy, especially for those of us in America, to be eager to "follow God's will" so long as that means that we are safe and comfortable in our quiet, non-confrontational lives. But what will you do when God's will leads you outside of your comfort zone and into a battlefield, whether literal or figurative? We're anxious to serve God as long as it means we can stay within the confines of our church or Bible study, but what if He wants you to serve Him in a less public role with less recognition and more persecution? Oh sure, not everyone will be called to the mission field in a third-world country, but there are places and ways of serving God right here at home that are more precarious than one would think. How much danger we are in can often relate to how bold we are, regardless of our ministry. So these are questions we need to answer honestly, because how we respond to them may also be indicative of how we would respond to another question: When the knife is to your throat, and you are ordered to reject Jesus Christ or die, what will you do?

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