27 November 2010

What Does this Verse Mean to You?

Have you ever sat in a Bible study that asked questions like, "What do you think this verse means?" or "What does this verse mean to you?" The nature of these questions makes us think that there's no real right or wrong answer, doesn't it? Well, in actuality there is a right answer to these types of questions and it is this: It doesn't matter what I think or what the verse means to me. What matters is, what does the verse mean? Period.

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  1. Radical Slave for Jesus ChristNovember 28, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    This is the second time within a few days I have heard the word "karma" in the same sentence relating to the God of the Bible. Interfaithism makes my skin crawl. This is why, we the remnant, must stand firm and not compromise; be a Daniel! We must, in a Christ-like manner, be radical disciples to our Brothers and Sisters.
    To God be the glory!


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